I AM Affirmations while you SLEEP for Confidence, Success, Wealth, Health & Spiritual Alignment

How to use affirmations for happiness

6Hrs Change your Beliefs and PAST CONDITIONING while you SLEEP! POWERFUL!! 'I AM' Affirmations for a wonderful LIFE with super RELAXING SLEEP MUSIC.

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The words 'I AM" have potent and reality changing frequencies. Whatever words, feelings or intentions you put after the words I AM will create your reality. You have been doing it your whole life. It is time to take control of the subconscious programming that is happening continuously and align yourself with Health, Wealth, Confidence and Soul Connectivity. An extraordinary life is waiting for you, and you can align with it while you rest in a deep and peaceful sleep.

The clam sleep music will ensure your deep sleep and the gentle 'I Am' affirmations will change your beliefs from the inside out.

Deep Sleep Music, Calm Sleep Music, Powerful I AM affirmations.

Our guided affirmation meditations are designed to help you practice new thoughts and new language in the direction you really want to go. Make the switch from your default settings of lack, insecurity and not enough-ness, to feeling the abundance and prosperity that is your true and natural nature.

Get into a comfortable position, close your eyes and relax, breathe deeply and tune into the feelings of natural abundance with I AM affirmations.

Many blessings and much love from Jess
Music by Rising Higher Meditation

Written, spoken and produced by Jess Shepherd
About The Speaker:
Jess Shepherd is an amazing Energy Therapist from the Gold Coast, Australia. She is a true blessing to this world and we know you will be able to FEEL her positive energy through these recordings. If you want to learn more from Jess or get in touch, please visit www.jessshepherd.com
email us connectandcre8@gmail.com

*** How Can Guided Meditation help you? ***
Guided meditations are designed to bring you into a still and peaceful space, a relaxed but aware state where you are in sync with all that you want to attract into your life.

***PLEASE do not listen to these tracks while operating machinery or driving. They are best used with headphones, and sitting or lying in a comfortable, quiet place where you will not be disturbed.

***This work is not intended to substitute for professional medical or counseling advice. If you suffer from a physical or mental illness, please always seek professional help.

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If you are new to meditation we recommend you listen to a Relaxation or Beginners meditation first to get into a relaxed meditative state.

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88 thoughts on “I AM Affirmations while you SLEEP for Confidence, Success, Wealth, Health & Spiritual Alignment

  1. If anyone just so happens to see this, I just want you to know that you are EVERYTHING, we are EVERYTHING. We are all one and I love you so much even though I don’t know you. Whatever you’re going through in life, keep your head high and always have hope because we don’t know what life has in store for us. Be happy be grateful for life, it’s so beautiful 🙂 To whoever reads this I love you don’t give up, we got this 😀

  2. To whoever reading, you’re awesome and God is going to bless you. Keep striving for greatness your life is about to blossom.

  3. Stop scrolling through the comments and get some sleep. You need it x

  4. I really needed this. After an abusive 8 year relationship, I lost myself and my smile. He tried to break me physically,emotionally and mentally. I AM NOT THAT WOMAN ANYMORE. I AM A SURVIVOR. I WILL BE MORE THAN I COULD EVER IMAGINE. Thank you for this. I have it to where I wake up listening every day

  5. If your reading this your already making a step in the right direction. Stay confident, stay true to yourself and stay woke

  6. Whatever frustrations you are having will no longer be an issue. It’s only temporary. Keep fighting!

  7. If you’re reading this, I hope you get the career of your dreams. The universe will make it possible for you.

  8. To whoever is reading: We are all coming from different backgrounds with different struggles. I hope that everyone reading this achieves everything that they desire to achieve.

  9. “I AM” is a very powerful vibrational word! This scientifically does heal our body internally. Positive words make positive impacts on the nervous system. Also most music with lyrics nowadays have tons of spells of negativity.

  10. I used to be the that person that was so negative and cynical. I was so skeptical of this, but i give it a try and oh boy was I so wrong. This has helped me so much in my healing process. Thank you for whoever uploaded this amazing video.

  11. I’m here after a toxic break up and I AM feeling better. Thank you father God & universe for leading me here! 🦋

  12. We are the type of people who know they are destined for great things

  13. Listen to this recording last night! I really felt like my mind and heart received the message. Reprogramming in progress. New nightly routine. I need this! 💜

  14. Thank you so much. I needed to hear this. I want to manifest a wealthy healthy and loving life in the right enviroment with the right people. I just woke up from a dream, i think it was my tribe that i saw. One had a painted face green.

  15. This is my current reality where I am resentful, bitter and annoyed. This is my first day trying this ‘I am’ affirmation. I’m still sceptical, but let’s see if it works.

  16. This was the most soothing and healing sleep I ever had. I am strong, consistent, healthy, I am my perfect weight, I am a powerhouse of talent and skill, I am divine, I am loving, I am the physical manifestation of love, I am empathy, I am brave, I am fearless, I am cunning, I am wise, I am honest, I am popular, I am sophisticated, I am extremely well off, I am successful. These words are flowing through my soul and I feel so rejuvenated and loved. I want to pass this love and affection towards anybody reading this and rebuild your confidence and well being. You are safe here with us and we will guarantee your success and heal your wounds!!

  17. @Philosophy Of Truth how is it going 1 month later. . . Just curious to know. . .

  18. @Gregory Ellens hey Gregory. It has improved my sleep. I’ve woken up feeling at peace. I still worry, but this helps. I’m also using the sleeping spray by Fearne Cotton. Hope you are well and safe. ❤️🙋🏾‍♀️

  19. Sounds like you woke up wit super powers so be a ware of the cryptonite lol just gufing around 🤣

  20. Yes we do. Keep your head up as well, be intentional with all you do. Love love love. Much love all around. Much love from me to you.

  21. THIS IS AMAZING !!! A year later my life has completely changed from the inside out beginning with this one video. I feel the vibration that was a seedling that stayed with me and grew. For anyone going through a rough time inside know this will help u as it’s been so successful healing me! Thank you so much ! 🌟

  22. That is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing. 🙂 Much love x

  23. NOTES ON MANIFESTING (what I learnt and observed):
    BEING RICH OR GETTING WHAT YOU WANT IS A FEELING, and if you can have these persistent thoughts or can continuously have or feel these good feelings, it, in turn, brings an abundance of same.


    Activate Creator energies – before you sleep. Root lock and think about money coming in. Visualize.
    Know your brain; Breathing calms information processing, and it guides your focus on what you want to manifest. Focus your eyes on one point (nature) for around 10 minutes. Focus and laser your eyesight to that one thing you want to manifest. Know that your high (elevated) vibrations, honest feelings, and belief are the key to manifestation. Emotions hit the prime button for expression. Feel the frequency (practice it day multiple times), see yourself worthy with emotions (energy+motions=emotions) of reality you wish to achieve. It will make your beliefs powerful, and your actions will start aligning with what you want. Practice helping people and staying noble (it is essential). You can use one additional method where you decide to give up one of your favourite things (someone stopped going to the seashore until his manifestation completes). Breathing is everything; it is life. Emotion is energy in motion.

    Use it all as tools:
    1. Activate Creator energies – before you sleep. Root lock and think about money coming in. Visualize. Breathing AND BELIEVING is EVERYTHING!
    2. H2O method – we are mostly water. We attract what we are. Before you sleep, hold water with your eyes closed and do mantras. Then drink the water.
    3. Pillow technique – take a note and hold it; feel it in your heart. Speak money, affirmations. Bring to Third Eye. Eyes closed. Put it under your pillow.
    Affirm it “I am what I want, and I attract what I want!” and consume it in your thoughts
    4) Always keep in mind, “I trust it what I am manifesting; it’s for the best (for the best of me and everyone else around me); who am I not to trust?
    5) Everything that I want or I think is already in existence! I am a magnet to happy energies.
    6) I surrender (to the creator) with absolute faith in you, the powerful universe, and will let you work your magic in Divine timing to deliver what is already mine.
    7) Surround yourself with things you want to get (for thoughts). BELIEVING WITH POSITIVE MINDSET is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!
    8) Schedule it (give yourself a schedule for a complete achievement (manifest). Set it and forget it! Detach from the outcome.

    Affirm “Rest of my life is going to be the best of my life.” Manifestation Accomplished!

  24. @blessed& highly favored .78 praying for you & your family. God knows your needs… he will get you through. ❤

  25. Never, ever go back to that life, no matter how hard it is to make it on your own. Abusers don’t change. It’s only their partners that realize that they’re toxic, their partners that make the final move. No contact.

  26. I love your voice. Wow i go to sleep listening to you. Perfection

  27. Jesus D c des🎉 is 😊..tizugdux ss.szzzzz:s @py fun hh CFC. Cdsreddd;ddz3😮 by asw

  28. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  29. This is not an accident when you read this. I want you to know that EVERYTHING WILL TURN OUT ALRIGHT. Blessings upon blessings come to you daily. Everything you NEED is on its way! You are healthy. You are strong. Wealth is on its way! You are blessed beyond measure! You are loved. Accept this, for this your TRUTH! I Bless YOU ALWAYS with every good that YOU deserve!

  30. So true darling we need some true artists who push positive ideas out instead of drugs sex hoes and self hate.

  31. Nice to hear that I hope you feel much much better from now on

  32. Hi, I like your meditation. Can you tell me if this YouTube version is longer because it repeats what’s on the shorter versions on Amazon and the Spotify versions? Or is it longer because there are more different affirmations? Thanks.

  33. I’m usually the one giving inspirational messages. Right now, all of these messages are beautiful however this impaticular message hit me in my heart. Kindly & lovingly. It brought tears to my eyes. I’m guessing you are also an empath. That would explain my intense connection to you. 😊
    Absolutely beautiful.
    Thank you.
    Lynae 🌞

  34. Funny! I’m tired but these comments are awesome 👌. I’m going to sleep on such a high, thanks to all of these beautiful comments. Honestly, I’m happy that I stayed awake a little longer for some positive messages! Shoot, I’ve stayed awake for much worse. 😃😁😁💖
    With Love

  35. Amen! I don’t know you, but I know you!! I’m so proud of you. 😁😁😁 God / the universe is shining down on you.
    I totally want to be friends!

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