How to Turn Procrastination into Execution | Brian Tracy

How to Turn Procrastination into Execution | Brian Tracy

Most people procrastinate at some point in their lives and it can feel like there's always a reason to procrastinate. Your ability to overcome the desire to procrastinate and turn it into execution will be the key to your success. Find out how to ditch the habit of procrastination.

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0:00- Introduction
2:53- Recognize when you are procrastinating
4:37- Don't overwhelm yourself
6:20- Wake up earlier
7:42- Let go of perfection
8:17- Set objectives, goals, and rewards
9:09- 14-Day Goal Setting Challenge
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The Practice Of Discipline

37 thoughts on “How to Turn Procrastination into Execution | Brian Tracy

  1. The more we train ourselves to overcome challenges, the more we can apply the same principles to other areas!

  2. Action is everything. When l don’t want to do something necessary l try to overcome this feeling by doing it.

  3. Thanks you for choosing to be a powerful example and inspiration for others like my self Mr. Tracy!

  4. Enjoy putting yourself in a stressful situation & practice it. That’s what I do so as to eliminate the habit of procrastination! Thanks a lot for your wonderful outlook.

  5. Love you Mr. Tracy! God bless you! and thanks for all you have taught us!

  6. By having an enthusiastic approach towards achieving goals. Through self motivation and excitement towards getting things done sooner.
    It’s amazing knowing you can plan for something to be completed in a year and actually achieve it in 6 months!

  7. *“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending”*

  8. *5 things to quit right now:*

    *1. Overthinking*
    *2. Trying to make everyone happy*
    *3. Living in the past*
    *4. Worrying*
    *5. Doubting yourself*

  9. *The moment you stop complaining and take FULL responsibility for your life, that’s the moment you get the full control on your life to achieve your goals.*

  10. I’m currently procrastinating while watching this… 🤦

    Thank you, Sir Bryan for shoving this habit up my butt and making me aware of the habit that is holding me back from being successful. 👍

    I’m procrastinating because of too much paralysis by analysis.

  11. We love you Brian Tracy. You are a gold mine. You are full of wisedom and awesomeness. When i reach my biggest goal and along the way. I will keep praising you and your books. Here is a tip from me. I procrastinated a lot. But now i am fixing my life and here is what i do. When i have a task that i hate or think thay i hate doing i think of the end goal.. why am i doing it? It always turns out to be beneficial. So just focus on the end result. If it is something you just have to do to avoid a bad consequence like paying taxes then remember that paying them now is better than later they will add up more. Or you can try to ask your accountant what you can do. One tip is to measure the task in time. Like that gorilla or a task you have procrastinated for years will probably not take you more than 4 hours to complete. Challenge yourself to do it in less than 4 and start

  12. Thank you so much for making this video… I have been wondering today to ask you in the comments…. how do I get my self-motivation back? The information helps a lot.

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  22. Procrastination is the first enemy to success , thanks Brian for this amazing video.

  23. Take action when you experience the motivation, don’t let that feeling pass without the challenged

  24. @Genius Marc Says go back and change your name to Mark( Spellcheck).

  25. Thank you for this video. I am going to try to implement this into my life.

  26. F*o*r* i*n*v*e*s*t*m*e*n*t p*u*r*p*o*s*e*s w_h_a_s_t_ a_p_p +**1**2**5**3**50**16**5**22

  27. This is so awesome!! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and your generous heart <3 You are truly successful!!

  28. For me the best way to overcome procrastination is to increase willpower. I can’t say I am a lazy person, but sometimes my goals don’t seem to be achievable to me((( and it makes me put off some essential steps

    Brian Tracy always motivates me and gives good opportunity to learn and practice my English skills ❤️

  29. This has been a really helpful video. I am still processing what it means but i recognise that i need to be stricter with my goal setting and rewards

  30. Reading your books and listening to you first thing in the morning, I stay on track. Even if I tend to procrastinate once in a while I quickly check some of your advice and I get back to business. Thank you sir! 😊💖

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