How to Stay Positive During Your Worst Days

How to Stay Positive During Your Worst Days

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29 thoughts on “How to Stay Positive During Your Worst Days

  1. Watching it at 3am. It’s been a sleepless night. (I’ve never had sleep issues before.) Hope this somehow helps. Thanks, Brendon!

  2. I totally agree that sharing emotion is such a important part!

  3. Hi Brendon, I have been following your videos and have read the high performance habits too. I really connect and relate to all the ideas and also try to put them in practice.

    I have a specific question about the 6th Point about Progress. You spoke about moving the needle for the things that matter most and that take you forward in the real sense. But many a times I face the situation where, because the “thing/work” is difficult to accomplish, that at the end of the day I still feel that I have not progressed in any way or progressed only a little bit. And its difficult to feel a sense of satisfaction at the end of the day. What should the mindset be while working on difficult things especially in not very great days? Thank you..:)

  4. I listened to this closely today and I’m very appreciative that you posted it. I’ve been in a dark and empty place these days, I do not recognize myself at all. I need to cling to voices of reason in these dark times.

  5. Excellent content Brendon. I listen to your podcast almost daily and there is always something to learn and to apply to my life to make it better. I was wondering what was number 1 – 2 – 3 Post its on your board from today’s teaching session? Thank you for all your hard work. Hope to participate one day in one of your seminars.

  6. thanks a lot for this. I needed it.
    Recently, whenever I felt disappointed and sad, I have been driven to go outside to run immediately. Its great to know that I am doing something right to cope with my current situation in a healthy way.

  7. Thank you Brendon. I’ve been doing lots of those things you’ve shared .. one that I remember anytime is telling me and my team : what’s going to fail here ? ( anticipation of drama as you said ) .. over and over again we still get in trouble when we miss this portion of anticipation but we are getting there 😀

  8. Hi Dhvani,

    Thanks so much for sharing about what’s showing up for you and congratulations on your commitment to personal development and listening to the awesome and positive messages Brendon continues to put out into the world!

    I totally get your question, it’s something I’m also working to figure out. While I’m not Brendon and I’m not claiming that my thoughts will be as good as his would be, I’ve been studying him, his works, and personal development itself obsessively, so I hope I can share a couple of useful insights for you here:

    #1: Future Identity – a concept that Brendon writes about in “The Charge”. Your future identity basically describes the best future version of yourself who is crushing your most meaningful and desired goals. It describes the person you truly want to be at the core of your being. If the work you’re doing isn’t aligned with that vision, it automatically causes friction that diminishes motivation. So, is the ‘difficult-to-accomplish’ work you’re doing congruent with your future identity? If yes, how could you make the connection between your efforts today and the goal you’re shooting for even more concrete? If no, what would you need to change to feel more aligned with your future identity?

    #2: Environment. I’ve learned that working in a vacuum really diminishes your motivation, sense of progress, and perspective. We need consistent feedback for our work so we can know that our work is recognized by others and hopefully making some kind of positive difference for others. We need mentors and coaches who can assess whether we’re really following the right needle-moving activities, who see potential inside ourselves when we’re at a low point, who challenge us to take the next step even when it’s hard, who are in the arena with us. And we also need a team of people around whose who’s strengths cover our weaknesses. Is there somebody whom you could enroll to help you progress faster? Of course, we have tremendous power to guide our minds, but being in a conducive environment just makes everything else easier.

    #3: Definition of ‘Progress’. Here’s another mistake that I’ve been making when it comes to progress: I defined goals in terms that were outside my control. “Create X-many clients by xx.yy.zz,” or “Have X-many views on social by xx.yy.zz,” etc. These were all goals outside of my control. And since I’d been defining goals in these terms, it was super easy to become frustrated. Ryan Holiday recently shared something along the lines of, “Amateurs focus on outcomes. Pros focus on process.” What is in my control is how many comments and messages I write. What’s in my control is how I choose to spend my time. What’s in my control is how often I try. How could you take your progress-goals and make it so that they’re entirely in your control?

    #4: Progress is never linear. As many authors like George Leonard or Darren Hardy note, our hopes and expectations are that we take a step on the progress-ladder every day. However, life is never that linear. It takes consistent effort, but we have to realize that we’re going to walk on plateaus for a whole long time until, suddenly, the exponential gains of compound interest start setting in. Feeling like you’re on a plateau may be hard at first, but it may actually be a sign that you’re on the right track IF you continue forward.

    #5: Media Bias. In the news and on the internet, we’re basically just being fed stories of outliers and apparent “over-night” successes that always negatively contrast ourselves to “these” people. We start thinking that there has to be a magic pill, that there has to be something we’re missing, that there has to be something wrong with us because we’re not progressing with ease and speed towards success. But, as Brendon teaches, we have to “honor the struggle”. It took him almost 15 years to get where he is today (excluding the extra years of experience he gathered before that). Warren Buffett started investing in his childhood and didn’t become a billionaire until he was 57. That’s why it’s so essential that we’re clear on our future identity and that we enjoy the process, not just looking for the outcome. It’s supposed to be hard and that is a fact easy to forget.

    #6 Gratitude. One thing that Brendon would probably add here is to never lose reverence for life. It took millions of years of evolution to get you where you are today. There are millions and millions of people who would love to switch places with you. And, no matter what happens, you’re trying. As Theodore Roosevelt talks about in one of his famous speeches, at least you’re in the arena “daring greatly”.

    Hope that at least one of these points is helpful for you or anyone else! Let me know if you have any questions and wishing you the best day!

  9. Hi there, just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your openness about what’s showing up for you and I congratulate you for not giving in to the dark times and for continuing to hold on the positive voices such as Brendon’s!

    For me personally, life can often feel like a roller coaster, but I’m actually starting to appreciate the dark valleys. I know it sounds weird but it’s often been during those times of pain and uncertainty that I was able to find nuggets of incredible value and insight! I’m sure that you, too, can find the wisdom in what you’re currently experiencing! You’ve got this!

  10. Your work changes lives and thank you for that!!! Obsessed with your book HPH and always blown away by the golden nuggets of knowledge in these videos! I consider myself to be a high achiever, but take so many things away from all your content and you always tell me exactly what I need to hear in the moment—the point you spoke about at 21 minutes in has my name all over it. Thank you and I look forward to attending a seminar or taking a course in the future!

  11. Anticipate drama, Delay Response, Allow + Socialize Sadness, Healthy response = Health, Daily G3 journals + Review (G3 = Gratitude, Goal, Good thing(yesterday)), Progress + Perspective. Thank you Brendon for sharing your insight.

  12. Every time I watch one of your videos I feel like I just had a strong cup of coffee and I’m ready to take on whatever.

  13. Awesome video, Brendon. Very appropriate for this time. I have been delaying that emotional response since Nov 3. Some days are harder than others. But I know that Justice and Integrity will prevail. We have a strong country, a strong democracy. It’s a hard time, but it will pass too. Thank you for being a rock in uncertain times.

  14. Your book helped me greatly in my first years as an entrepreneur and I’m so happy and grateful to watch these videos right now as I’m stressed and need a revisiting of your concepts. Needed this !! Thank you Brandon!!

  15. Just what I needed today to remind myself what I’m doing is spot on. Five of these habits I learned from experience and it’s what I teach to my clients. ….What I love!!! Is how Brendon breaks them down into perfectly explained buttons and added depth and dimension to each one. The only one I hadn’t learned was progress and perspective in as much awareness since my business is only a 1 year old. Powerful. I’m so glad I’m part of growth-day zoom!! One day I visualize myself a coach there. ⬆️⬆️⬆️

  16. Thanks for this video! I m in a dark place today in terms of my business and personal life at the same time. I gained some prospective. Will try to follow as much as possible and will certainly come back to watch this again.. 😊

  17. The part about “organizing the closet” was surprising. Ironically that was just what I was doing as I was listening to your video😂😂. I felt I have an issue with self love and cleaning out my closet to get rid of anything I didn’t love to make room for nicer things as I embark on my weight loss journey . Also I’m cleaning and organizing my entire house for a “fresh start “ to get rid of the clutter so I can focus on what really matter. I don’t feel like it was a stall tactic but maybe I’m missing the mark, any advise ? . I’m learning so much from you . Thank you for what you do !! You are truly gifted!!

  18. Brendon, after divorce, I knew professionally really hard days were coming, and as they are here right now, your teachings are paramount. Thank you immensely!

  19. Thank you very much for helping me every little step of my life. I hope I can have the opportunity some day to be with you in your training .

  20. Army Vet! This video helped me literally instantly.. Thank you sir! Keep spreading positive energy! God bless!

  21. Thank you so much for this… very helpful. Thank you for giving me a boost 🙏

  22. Good job bro.
    God created and selected people like you to serve him, and to assist others through our hard or dark times of our lives.
    God bless! Thanks,
    My Mother is in her last days on this earth. And a little support from the educated and empathetic ones, helps a lot.
    Even if it is temporarily.
    We should always be grateful for whatever we have, while we have it.
    And don’t ever forget that what comes around goes around. My Mom was there and still there throughout my life, now is my time, or all of us time to realize this fact and be there for our elderly parents.
    And others, love your neighbor as yourself.
    God Bless!

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