How To Stay Motivated In Business And In Life

How To Stay Motivated In Business And In Life

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Sometimes It’s Not So Easy To Stay Motivated In Business And In Life. That’s Why You Want To Make Sure To Consume The Right Information That Helps Your Growth.

Are you wondering how to stay motivated in your business or even in life in general? It’s normal to go through good and tough phases in life. Watch this video to discover how to deal with phases of less motivation. Got something out of this video? Then share it with a friend.

Transcript for How to Stay on Track in Life or Business

It’s difficult for me to stay motivated sometimes, Dan. Is my business in trouble?

You are not the only one who experiences it.

Many of us have experienced it.

In fact, a lot of people had it worse, including myself.

In the first three years, if it is smooth sailing for you,

It is okay, it’s all right, congratulations.

However, good times make lousy entrepreneurs.

– Prestige. Worldwide, wide, wide, wide…

– These uncertain times, it shapes us into who we are.

It makes us better.

It forces us to be better.

When everything is running smoothly,

You’re kind of just coasting.

You’re not thinking about innovation.

You’re not thinking about bettering yourself.

You’re not thinking about reinventing your business model

and when bad things happen in your business, competition,

Or you lose one of your key clients.

It’s trying to give you a gift.

And I know it doesn’t look like a gift.

It just looks like a big fucking problem when this happens.

But it is not.

So a very good question to ask yourself is this:

What is this trying to teach me?

Instead of asking yourself, playing the victim,

Why does this happen to me?

Why is this happening?

– They ask you how you are and you just have to say

You think you’re fine when you’re not really fine

But you just can’t get into it

Because they would never understand.

– No. What can I learn from this?

What is this trying to teach me?

What are some of the areas I need to work on?

When you look at it from a different perspective.

So you lose that one key client. Oh, it sucks.

What is that trying to teach me?

Maybe my business model is too dependent on

just one big client.

Maybe I should have a more diversified client base.

Instead of having one client that represents

80% of my work is with clients. Maybe I should have 10 clients.

10% each, or 20 clients, 5% each.

I need to expand.

This has happened to me so many times.

When you have competition, it’s trying to teach you

How could I add more value to my customers

Consequently, they will stay loyal to me and switch to my competitors.

What do I need to do to improve my efficiency

So I am competitive when it comes to pricing.

It’s trying to teach us something.

You see, the marketplace is always

Trying to teach you something.

By getting under your skin, the market teaches you about IS.

It basically slaps you in the face and says,

“Hey, watch out, pay attention to this. This is not working.

Hey, this guy is trying to grab market share from you.

What are you planning to do to be a more successful entrepreneur?”

I want to leave you with a final thought.

A quote that I love.

A smooth sea does not make a skilled sailor.”

Until next time, I’ll see my Bentley.

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This video is about How To Stay Motivated In Business And In Life.

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27 thoughts on “How To Stay Motivated In Business And In Life

  1. So interesting how these videos come up at “just the right time”. I came across another way to stay motivated yesterday, and it deals with being present instead of excessively thinking about everything. Thank you Dan. A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.

  2. Like a tea bag, it brings out its flavors when dump in hot water. We should be like a tea bag. That is when placed to a difficult situation it should bring out the best in us. Thanks Sifu Dan. You are and will always be an inspiration for all of us.

  3. Great motivational speaking

    Dan how can you self motivate yourself to drive you to a purpose?

  4. That’s right. Tea bag everyone in the face that disagrees with you.
    Be like a tea bag, my friend.

    (no disrespect to either Dan Lok or Sifu Bruce Lee).

  5. HI @Dan Lok
    More inspirational words to live by. namaste. Why is this happening to me? What lessons am I meant to learn? Relax, Reflect, Restore, Refresh
    You’ve got to get up every morning with determination if you’re going to go to bed with satisfaction.– George Lorimer
    have a great week.

  6. So what your trying to say is: we have to become a used up tea bag in order to become successful🤔…..

  7. I think your right,competition is healthy thou challenging because you always have to figure out how to stand out different and prefered

  8. @KID 90 Oh sorry. Let me make it clear for you. Be resilient. Good luck!

  9. This video made me realize why SMOOTH SAILING and NO CHALLENGES or DIFFICULTIES in life can make you stagnant .

    If stagnation occurs and difficulty comes any moment you will be brutally beaten

    So be like a Soldier in a Business and LIFE WAR ,always on lookout and alert

  10. A smooth sea Never made A Skilled Sailor..wonderful quote 💯
    Love from india ❣️

  11. “Good times make bad entrepreneurs”, really valuable message right there. Hard times help us grow to cope with bigger challenges in the future

  12. Always right on time Sifu Dan, this is what I exactly asked myself yesterday “What is it trying to teach me?” “What do I need to learn?”

    – Your loyal Fan from Philippines 🇵🇭

  13. Dan, how can I balance my work with rest and acknowledge my results?
    I’ve learnt that I need to stay hungry all the time, to make myself artificially broke (always think that I can do better that now) to get what I want.
    And it works for me. I’ve scaled from 1.5k to 30k in monthly revenue in a couple of months, but I just cannot stop. I’m an unfulfilled king, I may not stop till I’m in coffin.
    That’s beneficial in the long-term in terms of success, but it damages my ability to relax at least sometimes. I’m 21, but this kind of stress might seriously damage my health and relations in the long run.

    Did you have a “hungry” period of your life, where you just cannot stop striving for results? What you did to do to stop that endless chaise?
    Just like ads in Google, the more text, the more attention, right?
    Anyway, thank you, I hope you’ll find this comment.

  14. Indeed, do not keep searching for motivation, instead search for your WHY. And when your WHY is strong enough (if it really matters to you), you will also find your HOW to make it happen 🖖

  15. A question, Dan: what’s the best way to follow-up with a potential employer/client after your application/first contact?

  16. That your a fool for helping someone else become successful instead of doing that for yourself.

  17. A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.

    Thank you for this thought to take every consequence as an opportunity to learn more.
    Learning is relaxing 😌

  18. Hey Dan, thank you for all you’ve been doing. I saw your quote card where you highlighted planning as one of the keys to success. My question is this how do you start the process of planning when you’re lost and what does it take to make a solid plan that will set you up for success.

  19. love that quote “A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor”

  20. Thank you Dan for your amazing teachings!!!! You’re certainly helping so many people become the best versions of themselves!!! You help people to become the heroes of their own lives…and you are a great example of someone that not only admires heroes but dares to become one of them, always looking for greatness and growth while helping others.
    May God bless you and your loved ones always!

  21. Good Day Sir,i don’t know whether you will read this,but i just wanted to really appreciate you for the value you give out freely. It has helped me a lot in the right mindset for success. I have sat down on most of all your advice,just completely mind puzzling them trying to find what works for me and the question that comes to mind is how do i add value to peoples life’s,how to i leverage on things people ignore. i believe if you want to learn anything,you learn from the best. I know that whatever you don’t pay for you don’t value and i really want you to guide me so i can be a blessing to others. I pray you consider. If you do it will mean more than a lot to me. Thanks Mr Dan Lok.

    Sent it to your IG and Facebook page

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