How to Shift Negative Thoughts & Change with Change

How to Shift Negative Thoughts & Change with Change

A question: Do you consider yourself a person who is comfortable with change? If not, would you like to learn how to shift negative thoughts and turn them into positive change? I believe you can answer “yes” here.

The purpose of this post is to learn methods to change with change and without so much stress. Let’s have some fun!

Discover How to Shift Negative Thoughts & Change with Change – Become a Positive “Changer”

Changing is difficult, even when it’s positive.

In contrast, if you think about a time you learned something new or exciting for the first time, and it resonated – that feels euphoric.

Truthfully, instead of fighting against change, humans need to learn to change with it as a radical act of self-renewal.

Accepting Change with a “Grain of Salt”

It’s hard to accept change because certain things cannot be left behind in the human mind.

Positive changes in a workplace are a good example of people resisting positive change.

For example, a retailer will update their POS system after a decade or two of using a slow, rundown one.

Employees are upset with the new system rather than welcoming it with open arms.

This isn’t a problem with the new system, it’s a problem with the new way of working.

As experts in the old system, they now have to learn a completely new procedure. Nobody enjoys feeling like a new employee.

Pros and Cons of Shifting Negative Thoughts

Although change is inevitable, everyone benefits from it. Human brains do not want to consider the positive aspects of change; they want to mourn what they are losing.

The human brain is upset that it has to learn, but it also wants the euphoria of learning something new.

As humans, we have complicated brains, and sometimes feel like toddlers throwing tantrums. You feel anxious when facing change, but it prevents you from growing.

In other words, when you learn to change with change, you are putting aside the negative to focus on the joy of learning.

It’s important to accept that whatever the change, there’s inspiration leading to positive underlying it.

Nobody is saying that it’s easy, which is why you have to practice it regularly with even the smallest changes.

So, when big changes inevitably come, you’ll be ready for them.

Let’s say you have made an appointment at the dentist and you arrive five minutes early just like you always do. Your dentist is running behind because dentists always run behind.

If you feel anxious or hate when others are late, your natural reaction is to be annoyed.

It is not possible to change someone else’s behavior, only to adjust your response as a result of it.

Look in the Mirror of Change

If you want to feel more comfortable, you often expect others to change. Yet you struggle to change your own life.

The first step to meaningful change is to shine the spotlight on yourself.

If your demand from others is due to high standards or expectations, you must first look at yourself in the mirror. What do you see?

Change the World – Don’t Let the World Change You!

You must resist the world’s attempts to provide meaning and context for what is happening when it leads you to the wrong conclusions.

The only way to discover and renew yourself is to make changes.

Imagine yourself as a giant onion, and life as the un-layering of that onion.

Just because you turn 18 doesn’t make you a fully functioning adult. You grow and change and learn and become a fuller person throughout your life.

The time has come for you to embrace change so that you can also change.

Embracing change and self-renewal can be euphoric if you are willing to embrace it.

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It Is What It Is so Shift Your Negative Thoughts for Change

I hope you enjoyed this post and will put some of what you’ve learned into action.

Change is inevitable but if you are willing to bend a bit to adapt that transition will go much smoother. Success to you. – Bob