How to Overcome Procrastination | Brian Tracy

How to use affirmations for happiness

In today's video, I'll share 5 strategies you can use to overcome procrastination, even if you consider yourself to be a chronic procrastinator.

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52 thoughts on “How to Overcome Procrastination | Brian Tracy

  1. Thanks Brian,

    I’m going to start on this daunting 12 page paper. I needed your help to get started but i think i’v got it from here

    Thanks for your words of wisdom

  2. Getting up at 5 am and going for jogging is the thing that I am putting off. Before going to bed I write on paper ‘tomorrow morning I get up at 5 and go for jogging’. Then I will do it no matter how do I feel. Thanks Brain Tracy sir for this valuable video

  3. This was unexpectedly useful. I think doing a check list helps, as long as you actually do the things in the list. The only way to move forward in life is getting proactive. I have paid a high price for procrastinating in my life, so I need to break this horrible habit if I want to be successful. There is no doubt in my mind now, what has prevented me from success is Procrastinating, so I’m taking my life back now. Amen!

  4. I love Brian Tracy. My life has improved exponentially since I discovered his audiobooks. Thank you!

  5. Love the ‘Do It Now” philosophy, I have been working with it for years, Thanks for your influence Brian!!

  6. Another great strategy is to make your working schedule and environment more pleasurable. Take a lot of breaks, drink coffee, eat many small meals, do yoga in breaks, jump around, open the window for fresh air, play your favorite music, dance.And of course have an organized desk and clear tasks for the day.

  7. I have always suffered from the habit of procrastination, but I was usually able to control myself at the very last moment. But now I am in my senior year and for some reason I totally lost control and I can’t even concentrate for few minutes on my studies , all of a sudden I started developing different interests in so many activities and I keep procrastinating my studies. Thank you so much your tips seem to be really helpful and I will start working on them now in shaa Allah.

  8. Wow! So, I spent a week watching videos on how to not procrastinate and etc. Yet, I couldn’t start working on it. Yesterday, before sleeping, and tired of lying to myself, I finally wrote down the things I should do in the following day and the priority of each task. Turns out that today it only took me 3 hours to start doing what I should have started MONTHS ago! Writing down the stuff you gotta do is REALLY POWERFUL, it’s simple but it gets you started! THANK YOU BRIAN!

  9. Jerkster have you watched any of Patrick Bet-David’s videos at Valuetainment? Check him out. Solid content.

  10. @Alvin Dueck Yeah he’s too much of a car salesman and goes of in tangent too much.

  11. Fantastic video, Brian! I’ve started using a task manager app on my iPhone and I plan out each day the night before. It’s definitely helped me keep on track!

  12. Thank you for your yet another very helpful video. About one thing that’s important and I’m putting it off is developing a habit of studying 3 hours a day. Major reason had been to take first step so in a way, by watching this video, I did just that. Secondly, I have planned my day by breaking it to make study routine. Brian sir, your words will be source of a great encouragement.

  13. summary:
    – change your thinking: say to yourself ” do it now”
    – start with the most difficult task first
    – focus on most impacfull things in your life
    – plan each day: goals, timing, priorities

  14. This video is so helpful. Thank you so much sharing your wisdom willingly.

  15. Thank you Sir for the ‘Perfectly’ laid out solution to overcome procrastination. Thank you again! πŸ˜‡

  16. andrefaaa ikr!! I have found that by writing down my list of things to do for the next day before going to bed, not only helps me get things done but also makes me sleep better because I have less stuff on my mind

  17. Prashant Ray do your work without thinking anything else with concentration…. Overthink will run away from you 😊

  18. Because this goes beyond just thinking. You thought about it, you planned it, you wrote it, your eyes saw it, you also read it too (out loud or not, but you did) – so it got strongly emphasized to your subconscious mind

  19. Thanks Brian Tracy!! You have been a personal inspiration throughout my sales career..may God continue to bless you with wisdom and insight.

  20. I’m in my final semester and trust me i can totally relate..

  21. Ultimate Crusader Not me. I want to get started on it … instead of sleeping I’m thinking of that list. I have to do it in the morning.

  22. Queen of Da House idk what is this website you shared. Can you explain that?

    And…do you have a proof that Allah is not the God and that safety is in Jesus Christ and Christianity?
    Can you explain?

  23. Keep going dear and never give up
    Procrastination will be appeared in several life differently but in that moment its your turn to overcome it

  24. Ebtehal Almutairi Its a website that will lead you to the truth. Jesus said β€œI am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except thru me.” Check out Insight for Living. Listen to the SERIES sections… start with John in the New Testament. Then go back to Mathew thru ACTS and Romans. Then listen to Genesis about Father Abraham. Ishmael is father of Islam. Blessings. Oh the proof? My wonderful blessed life and God answers my prayers cuz Jesus’s spirit lives within me!

  25. I always told my self β€œDo It”

    Now β€œDo It Now” are the 3 words that will always stick with me! Thank you! πŸ™πŸ‘Š

  26. May God bless you Mr. Tracy! I’ve been following your channel for years and I thank you a lot for your teaching and thank God for inspiring you to inspire us. May you be very healthy and well. Thanks from Mexico City, Mayra πŸ™‚

  27. Same πŸ˜…
    My problem is not getting up , but going to bed earlier

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