How to Find Inspiration

How to Find Inspiration

I am writing a description for my inspiration video right  now with both hands.

Thank you “Chills” for lending your voice

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50 thoughts on “How to Find Inspiration

  1. There’s probably a correlation between how poorly a job pays and how many inspirational quotes are found around a workplace

  2. I realize that James moments of this animation is way more realistic and smoother the animation keeps getting better

  3. Alternate title: James roasting his friends for 8 minutes with a side of life lesson.

  4. That voiceover for the “Scary things caught on hikes” was way too accurate

  5. This video was inspiring. Now I gotta make Top 10 Scary Things That Have Happened When Hiking (or something)

  6. @naywinGalaxyknight D…… this version of it must be way better than all the rest of em huh?….. what are some of the other versions of this animation that you think that might come close to it if you don’t mind me asking?

  7. ​@ANGELIC____🔞 I hate this spam. I am a kind of person who has a negative opinion over this kind of spam; 18+ related spam. I, Kenzo Gratia, am that kind of person who reacts with hate over this specific type of YouTube spam, which is this stuff for 18 year olds and over only. I, Kenzo Gratia, a 12-year-old male who is turning 13 soon, am one of those people who would react negatively whenever I see this type of spam on YouTube comments which was intended only for people who are only 18 years old or over, because I am under 18. It’s kind of ridiculous for me. It gets so annoying when I see it all over a comment section of a YouTube video, like COME ON! I just don’t like when I keep seeing spam of mature content for over my age. I go YE2U IQ DNW APABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , , , , , , , , n

  8. Alternative title
    Him not getting to the point how to get inspo and talking about long essays

  9. Anybody noticed how James is animating more well, animated parts and not just a few frames cause it SUPER GOOD

  10. James is a psychologist.
    Like, the stuff discussed in this video is basically years of psychology in an entertaining form.
    Ditch the psych textbooks, the future of psychology is on TheOdd1sOut

  11. Already ditched.
    They basically just stated over and over that everyone has a form of depression at varying levels and that they will always get worse without help.

  12. “The American school system has brainwashed kids into making them think the best way to express ideas is through the form of a five paragraph essay”

    *That hit me so hard I can’t even walk*

  13. This video went from entertainment to life lessons of empowerment, and I want to implement your words. Thanks bro! 😊

  14. The fact he got Chills for such a perfect moment is just amazing😂

  15. I’ve been wanting to do animations similar to this for quite a while and I just have to say that this segment 4:54 is one of the best things I’ve ever seen

  16. It’s so cool to see how much your team has grown like I remember at the end there would be like 2-3 people to credit now the whole screen is full

  17. 4:55
    Can we just take a minute to appreciate this smooth animation

  18. I can’t imagine how James would react when trying to find the recipe on a website article.

  19. 4:55 the lack of any sort of sound effect or voice change makes it so much funnier

  20. In my opinion , although it’s excellent that you have put extreme attention to detail and fluidity in your animation , if compared to previous videos it strains you more it’s better to do it in your preferred flow. If that isn’t the case, then still do it as you wish it to be.

  21. I really needed to hear this, life is a constant struggle, but it’s about how you see things and push forward learning

  22. This hit me so hard my legs will not do what they are suppose to, and that is move me from one place to another as I physically cannot place one foot in front of another

  23. Thank you, Odd1sOut. This what I needed to get myself up and running. I must stop slacking off AND USE THE PEN LIKE YOU’VE HAD!!!😁👍

  24. I miss your older videos. The reason I subscribed to this channel was because of how relatable both you and your videos were. Now, your videos look professionally made, because they are. You have a whole team working for you now. Your videos have lost that personal touch that used to make this channel so unique.

  25. Umm I don’t know if the uk either have a better school system or not.

  26. @Darian Barber i like how this is supposed to be exaggarated yet still sounds like a normal sentence someone would say

    what is school teaching us!!!! grrr!!!!!

  27. Sorry to say this but I’m not gonna sleep if I watch one of ur videos 😂

  28. Hey man!
    Love your videos, just makes my day. I had a few questions about animating and stuff.

    What software do you use to draw your characters?
    What tip would you give to draw characters online?

    I’ll appreciate if you respond, thanks
    Great vids !

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