How to Become a Problem Solver | Brian Tracy

How to use affirmations for happiness

Problems are an unavoidable fact of life. They will never end; they only vary in size and importance. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, learn to control your response to the problems that come your way. Watch today's video for tips on how to become a master problem-solver.

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The Practice Of Discipline

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28 thoughts on “How to Become a Problem Solver | Brian Tracy

  1. What is one solution to a problem you’ve been struggling with? Leave a comment below!

    The ability to communicate is a skill that will advance you in both your professional and personal life! Learn how to communicate effectively in any situation today >>

  2. Super advice…. taught my son this well and that’s why he is being rapidly promoted! Because he is like this, he is passing guys two times his age in career advancement ! Thank you again for terrific ideas! 👍

  3. This video reminded me of Tony Robbins and his speech about his school years. He says when he was at school, he became a problem solver. Everyone asked him how to do this, how to do that. I also believe that problem solving is the key to a productive life!

  4. You are such a great, inspiring and encouraging person. Live a happy, healthy and long life.

  5. Dealing with time wasters has been a constant problem. I have made progress in this regard. Sir Tracy has been a guide to me. I want to wish you Happy Teachers Day in advance. Thank you.

  6. Thank you Sir for your motivational videos and books. You have been my inspiration and I look forward to motivate others and spread positivity by applying some of the principles shared by you.

  7. As usual this has great approach to life itself.
    Helping to consider life as it is and only way is to be a solution finder.
    But in life taking forward steps due to risk allergenic makes people to limit their lives.
    Thanking you Sir for advising a good and constructive approach to life

  8. Every Problem is an opportunity my friend. Do not let the amount of challenges in your life to determine your future.
    Remember everything is POSSIBLE. And problems, challenges and everything WORK TOGETHER FOR YOUR GOOD.

  9. thank you so much for your videos Mr. Tracy I get so much value by feels like you are the teacher I was looking for..

  10. I really love how you always add value to others, Brian.
    Thank you.

  11. Appreciate your efforts in sharing valuable words to make life more meaningful..

    Thanks a lot sir!!

  12. Thank you for doing these videos. I love your audiobooks and can truly say you have changed my life. In fact you, Steven Covey and Napoleon Hill are probably responsible for 80% of my success in life. All I did was follow some very good advice. I only wish I had discovered you earlier.

  13. I’ve been struggling with problem solving at my workplace. Whenever a client comes up to me with a very uncommon problem, I take time to figure out a solution. Hope I become better at finding solutions!!

  14. People see motivation video but after sometimes again think about same problem. Why this is so ?

  15. We dont have problems we have challenges… and every challenge make us more competitive…
    Problems are for the people who dont have can do attitude..

  16. Sir Brian your videos have been such an inspiration to me. My problem is battle with procrastination and inconsistencies, I’m trying to work them though but I think I can do more

  17. You explained this so beautifully and with such simplicity! Truly amazing!

  18. Thank you I need this lecture. My problem is that I think things are more difficult than it is. Solution using small steps and continue to educate myself in small steps. I’m too old for taking large courses and have difficult to free time for study.

  19. I was passing through a tough time this video changed my mindset totally. Thank you kind sir

  20. Thank You Sir, I have been looking for such discussion, and got it!!

  21. The real problem I am struggling with, is not accepting the mistakes at work like not been committed and responsible for what you are doing

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