Happy Emotions – Why Positive Emotions and Feelings?

Happy Emotions – Why Positive Emotions and Feelings?

Some experts claim it takes 43 muscles to frown and 17 to smile. So, are you experiencing happy emotions today or are you using those 43 facial muscles? Are you thinking positively or negatively today?

Maybe you are on an emotional roller coaster right now and negativity is creeping in. And, those feelings are keeping you from those positive emotions you desperately need!

Today I want to talk about the importance of positive emotions.

And, we’ll discover together how they can help you feel and perform better each day.

The Importance of Happy Emotions – Do Positive Emotions Work?

It’s certainly no surprise that positive or happy emotions have the power to change lives.

In fact, brain studies have shown that having more positive emotions than negative enables us to handle difficult situations more easily.

And, positivity helps us bounce back stronger from those situations, no matter the actual outcome. Feeling positive emotions helps us see more options in solving problems, whereas negativity thwarts that creativity.

Do You Have Negativity Bias?

As humans, we sometimes experience something called the negativity bias. This is our natural tendency to give more attention to the negative thoughts we experience than the positive emotions.

And from a scientific standpoint, it makes sense.

Negative emotions generally point out a problem that needs to be fixed or figured out. They’ve arisen in our makeup to help us survive difficult and often life-threatening situations. That’s a positive side of negative emotions.

But, even though these negative emotions are natural, the negativity bias can make it very difficult to let go of the negative thoughts that go along with those emotions.

In other words, a bad moment turns into a bad day.  A small frustration turns into full-blown anger.

So, it becomes necessary to have the ability to call up positive emotions to help balance, and hopefully outweigh the negative thoughts.

How to Change Negative into Positive Emotions? Practice!

The most important thing you can do to enable your positive emotions is to practice them.

That’s right – practice being positive!

Now, it’s okay to have the occasional negative emotions or thought. Acknowledge them.

Then, turn those thoughts around into something positive. Yes, just about every situation has a silver lining if you look hard enough.

Change of Habit

By practicing this simple switch-around when you have a negative thought, you are teaching your brain to habituate to positive thinking and positive emotion, thereby balancing the negativity bias.

You’ll find this switch difficult to do at first. But, the very first step is identifying your negative emotions.

Once you can identify them, you can acknowledge them. practice some good habits to have and move forward in life.

And, once you can identify and acknowledge them, you can then turn each around into a positive. I cover most of these steps in my book; “Flip The Script“.

It’s available on Amazon Kindle.

When Is The Best Time To Begin Thinking Happy Thoughts?

Steps to happy emotionsWell, you know I’m a believer in getting started with good habits as soon as possible. So, why wait to start your happier life?

Okay, is this a fast track, instant trip to a happy lifestyle?

In a word, no.

Like most skills, forming new habits takes some work; especially in the beginning. But, it does get easier as time goes on, if you practice consistently.

Soon, you will naturally begin to experience more positive thinking and inspiring emotions throughout your days. And, this happens even though you haven’t had to identify and turn around a negative emotion to make that happen!

This evolves because your brain has learned a new, positive way of doing things. The result is great feedback in the form of happiness, joy, love, and peace!

So, don’t delay! Get started  and practice these quick steps to happy emotions and begin your fuller life. – Bob

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