Good Habits to Have – 3 Steps to Create Good Habits

Good Habits to Have – 3 Steps to Create Good Habits

I hope your day is going great today! And, I pray that when you learn these 3 good habits to have it will become even better.

Over and over again, I’ve found that people who get ahead learn how to create good habits, and make them stick!

So, I posted this to show you some good habits for everyone to use in 3 quick steps to get you started.

This is not rocket science but doing these simple things will help you on your way to better habits, shooting your motivation to succeed through the roof; and hopefully a better career.

Let’s go..

Finally! 3 Quick Steps Show How to Create Good Habits for Everyone – And Make Them Stick!

Creating new habits is no simple task. In fact, it’s often easier to simply revert back to the way we’ve always done things.

So, you’ll want to get rid of bad habits and then replace them with the positive, more productive ones.

Developing new habits requires more energy as the brain establishes new neural pathways, which is why we often find ourselves back where we began.

The good news is, there are ways to help make good habits stick.

The best part is, these three simple steps to create better habits will help you make better choices as you pursue your dream career.

And, you can be more certain these habits stay with you for the long term.

So, read these 3 quick steps carefully. Then, take action immediately to see results quicker..

Are You Ready To Learn How To Create Good Habits & Start Living A Better, More Motivated Life?

1. Identify the Good Habits You Want in Your Life

To better your chances of sticking to a new behavior, identify and define exactly what you want your new habit to be.

This way, you have a clear definition of where you want to go, and are less likely to blur the boundaries or find a loophole that justifies reverting back to old behaviors.

Sometimes, writing it down makes it easier to stick to your new habits. Remember, it becomes more real to you, and not as easy to avoid, than something kept solely in your imagination. If you are not quite motivated, check out some inspirational articles online to get your creative juices flowing.

Then, get out the pencil or notepad, and write down the habits you want to change in your life.

2. Commit to a Time to Create and Achieve Success with Your New Good Habits

It takes time to form a habit. Many psychologists agree it takes about 21 days for a new habit to take effect. For instance, I’ve seen lots of ads for products like; “21 Days to Quit Smoking.

Bottom line is, leaving the time frame for your behavior change open can be a recipe for disaster! Please don’t let this happen to you!

How Do You Eat an Elephant? The Same Way You Develop Better Habits in Life

There’s an old joke in the motivational field, and it asks the question:

“How do you eat an elephant?”

The answer is of course; “One bite at a time.”

Even if you want to improve a good habit like brushing teeth regularly to stick for the rest of your life, starting this new habit can seem daunting, and make the task seem impossible.

So, break your goals down into smaller steps by specifying a date to conduct your new habit.

Six to eight weeks is a good time frame, because it seems achievable. Also, this time frame is long enough to turn those actions into a routine.

Think about a time frame that works for you. And, make sure you see it out until the end.

After you finish your “trial” goal, set another period (perhaps even improving on your established good habits).

And, be determined to get through it.

3. The Best Kept Secret to Creating Good Habits for Life? Frequency!

Setting a new habit without defining a frequency is setting yourself up for failure to reach your objective.

Reality is, there’s no point in creating goals for habits like ‘eating healthier’ or ‘exercise more’.

“After you finish your “trial” goal, set another period.”

To form better habits for the long term, you need to have a set of actions that you are going to engage in consistently.

You must be completely clear whether or not you have stuck to your habits.

It’s also important that you set the frequency so you actually do what you committed to.

As you may already know, an action doesn’t become a habit unless it becomes your normal routine.

And, a normal routine requires making the that positive change a part of your daily life.

This is exactly why you must commit to doing the behavior every day; or at least a certain number of times per week.

We all know that good habits can benefit our lives, but the challenge is making them stick.

The good news is, you now know exactly how to make that change in your life. Use these good habits for..

  • Health
  • Relationships with others
  • Your career
  • To build confidence and self trust
  • And, a better life in general.

What’s the Best Way I Know to Create Good Habits? GOALS!

everyone needs good habits to haveZig Ziglar was probably the most influential goal setting guru in my life.

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to set goals, develop good habits and stick to them.

That’s why I highly recommend his goals program.

It’s all about action, so re-read this post, bookmark it so you can come back often, and start your journey to good habits. – Bob

Comment below if you have anything to add or questions.

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Thank you so much!


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