Five Ways to Rise Above a Hard Time | Robin Sharma

Five Ways to Rise Above a Hard Time | Robin Sharma

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I'm absolutely delighted to share a new episode of #TheMasterySessions with you. We all experience seasons in the wilderness where we feel alone, confused, and challenged. If you're in one of these seasons, you'll find this session extremely valuable.

In this episode, you're about to discover:

1. The importance of perspective in navigating challenging periods. (⏩ 00:41)

2. How to take your wounds and turn them into wisdom and transform your stumbling blocks into stepping stones. (⏩ 03:02)

3. The importance of feeling a feeling to heal a feeling [Heartset work]. (⏩ 05:40)

4. Tools to spot the blessings during hard seasons. (⏩ 11:39)

5. A method to see hard times as part of the purification process of your personal heroism. (⏩ 15:16)

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37 thoughts on “Five Ways to Rise Above a Hard Time | Robin Sharma

  1. Doesn’t matter if you deny it, but you’re one of the world’s greatest gurus

  2. Robin, thanks again for all the inspirations and tips to deal with everything. Now i am reading the 5am club. Greatings from Bulgaria 🇧🇬

  3. I love how straightforward your videos are. There is none of the arrogant bravado and padded filler of certain other motivational figures on YouTube. Thank you for your content!

  4. difficulties don’t come to destry your life,they come to bring out your hidden potential.♥️🔥♥️

  5. I haven’t read the The 5am club (I’m waiting for it) but I’ve started waking up at 6 am and aiming for 5am. So happy I got to find you and your content.

  6. I remembered your line that says “they tried to bury us but they didn’t know we were seeds .”
    Recently I read your A leader who had no title and start 4 am club
    Thank you

  7. This came at a time when I needed it the most. Can’t thank you enough for this treasure, Robin sir!

  8. On point! The biggest reason so many of us get stuck in the negative mindset during tough times is, we cage our thinking. We overwhelm ourselves with negative thoughts until we feel energy-less. Bringing ourselves up again takes energy and an optimistic mindset. Thank you for sharing different techniques and perspectives to have during tough times!

  9. The perspective of purification was what I loved the most.. Never thought it this way that hard times are really about purifying your soul.. Thank you so much ❤

  10. I absolutely agree with this! It’s like difficulties are made to test us and make sure we are ready for greatness. If you fail, start over! 🙂

  11. @Fearless Dreams yes bro, success does not come in one attempt. You need to attempt many times. Sometimes we need to start over again. I have also a motivational channel. Please visit it and feedback me.

  12. OMG😳 I am literally feeling blessed that I’ve heard u. M doing it again n again from two days. Ur words are magical ur style of conveying with practical strategy and ur smooth accent I can’t explain how much have u helped me boosting my motivation my confidence and my mindset which was full of overwhelmed feelings of being depressed rejected and useless. keep up the good work. Allah almighty bless u with more genius Ameen.

  13. Rutwik Hebalkar
    I agree….and the best one was that the bad person isn’t bad person, they are simply a reflection of unhealed childhood trauma

  14. I’m going through some difficulties being a young person with no parents and feeling like there is no family out there. But through my difficulties, I am beginning to see a positive change in my work ethic and my attitude towards myself. Your tips and advice has always been very effective and I thank you for this Robin.

  15. “We become who we’re and understand our real purpose in life, when we navigate in the valley of darkness”
    Thanks alot Robin Sir 😊!!!
    People like you are an asset to the society.

  16. Every day for me starts with a new episode of #TheMasterySession with full of positivity, confidence, and motivation. A leader is one who Influences others with their way of living. You are truly a leader! Amazing sir! I have read your ‘The Monk who sold his Ferrari’, a great book to introspect one’s life. ❤ Planning to buy The 5AM club book and to master the daily routine and also have a hand in helping children fighting with Leprosy. 😊 Keep motivating your followers! Thanks! ✔

  17. “It is in your greatest trials that you uncover your highest strengths’ wow! I will never again squander good suffering…🌺

  18. I’ve overcome the hardest darkest lowest point of my life by reading your books & listening to your podcasts. Thank you Robin! You wisdom brought light into my life😊😍.

  19. Taking a note: ‘1. Seek Perspective – What are my blessings? 2.Growth in wolf’s clothing.-Make it stronger. Painful and poetic. True history makers suffer more than an ordinary person.

    3. The best way out is straight in.- Heart Set- Feel it to heal. -Turn pain into power.Hurt well deep within you. We have a primal hero deep within us. We are built to be on fire. The world is full of opportunity. You already have gifts and talents within you. You might not be intimate with that relationship because of the hurt well. Pay attention to the difficult feelings. Feel them and release them. Every feeling is old. You wouldn’t be feeling those feelings unless they were pre-existing conditions. If it is hysterical, it is historical. This is about my childhood. Thanks to that person. I can get to see what’s going on and blocking me from that primal genius within me. I can get to the deep inner work. Release the shadow side and move into the sunlight!”

    4. Appreciate the season. -Difficult times come to you to crack the shell that covers your understanding. The deeper and wiser part of you knows this is a great time. Wear your scars proudly and turn your words into wisdom. 5. Embrace the purification. It is in your greatest trials that you discover your highest strengths.!”

  20. This was very well timed to appear in my feed – I shared it with a Man who has been wondering what to do with his life at 47, feeling defeated in his career. I hope it blesses him as you have blessed others.

  21. Sending u blessings I had parents who traumatised me to death left me with untold emotional pain and Broken life wish u best in life

  22. Me too – gearing up. I watch one of these talks every morning at 6am

  23. My autistic child thanking you for making his mother a calm person… Thanks sir.. Regards from India🇮🇳

  24. @Robin Sharma what’s your cash app????? I would like to give back to you keep posting free videos please!!!

    Blessings always be to you Sharma.

  25. thank you for your inspiration over the years! I have been going through some major changes in the last year… & came across your videos. I felt motivated to move on, but noticed my feelings (disheartened) when you said …”seek perspective- how could this be worse,. if no one has died”… my daughter passed away a year ago, and 6 mths later my husband passed away. I am spending a lot of time alone… sitting with what I’m feeling. I have practiced mindfulness & meditation for over 20 yrs, listened to many great teachers, such as yourself…. just wanted to share my feelings.

  26. The best coaching video I have watched today..From start to finish♥️✨

  27. You have changed my life in an incredible way. I wish I could meet you in my life. Love u Sir ❤🇮🇳

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