Dr. Wayne Dyer ‑ 12 Signs and Stages of Spiritual Awakening

Dr. Wayne Dyer ‑ 12 Signs and Stages of Spiritual Awakening

Dr. Wayne Dyer explains the 12 stages of an Awakened Life.

I will be uploading multiple videos a week, having spiritual teachers answer various questions. If you have any specific questions you want answered about manifesting, spirituality or Law of Attraction let me know in the comments.

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26 thoughts on “Dr. Wayne Dyer ‑ 12 Signs and Stages of Spiritual Awakening

  1. Yes! I call it miracle level because everything feels miraculous

  2. Thank you this is beautiful reminder and recognition that I am on the right track. Wishing everyone reading and listening to this today a beautiful awakenkng expannsive day.

  3. How we miss you Dr. Wayne Dyer!! Need more love and encouragement in the world at this time!

  4. SIP Dr Dyer! Your teachings have helped me to transform my life ❤

  5. A early one he referring g to his 2 year old son. Check the first two.

  6. I was just wondering that !!! Thank you Precious soul we are our makers peacekeepers

  7. Remember
    Life is a Rapid Upstream
    Rushing waters
    Memories You Feel
    Keep on swimming no Matter what
    Feeding the Great Bears
    And the People
    Nature is Queen
    All knowingly and Deliberately Done
    For You The Human
    Nature is Your Training Ground
    Mind Body and Soul
    You get to the top of the Mountain
    And sow Great Seeds
    Knowing they Can Make it Now on their Own
    Found their True Souls
    Human Quest
    Human Codes
    You undiscovered DNA strands
    Are not Junk!
    It’s the stuff that gives back your funk
    Special Sacred Beings
    Rise to Gods /sun
    Earth Your God Given Right
    To live learn share Grow thrive
    Heaven is on Earth
    You must find your way Home
    Back in the Arms of Mother Father God
    Your Final Destination!!
    Eternal Life with ME
    No one’s left behind

  8. A truly great prophet of universal wisdom. God bless and RIP.

  9. You are so beautiful Wayne and I love that you shared your soul with us❤️ Thank you!🙏

  10. Exactly it’s so right iv had this awakening alit lately layer back I feel I am and yes why worrie it’s hopeless no point live each day as it is thank yu so much ❤️

  11. Hey girl! Would LOVE a sleep video that’s like 6-8hrs long with all this. The brain will SOAK IT UP! You’re killin it! Found you on Tiktok – really great stuff!

  12. He’s here- not dead! These audios are just one way he can continue to communicate with us. I was thinking about returning to my childhood love of horses… I pulled out my phone and added it as a note I keep on pursuing my dreams. Then clicked on a random Wayne Dyer. What do you know..? He mentioned following what inspires us and his first example was a passion for horses.

  13. I am so glad to of had the Opportunity to lesson to him !! 🎉😂❤❤❤LoV is LoV is LoV !!😅😂❤❤❤🦄

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