Building the Courage to Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

Building the Courage to Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

The quality of courage is an important quality for your success in life. Watch this video to learn how to dream big and how to be persistent whenever the situation requires it.

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32 thoughts on “Building the Courage to Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

  1. This is an incredible lesson. Thank you very much for sharing such great wisdom. This will definitely help me and my teammates. We recommend your books to all our people.

  2. Thanks for the information, Brian! I have learned so much from you already and love seeing new videos of yours. 🙂

  3. Courage is not the absence of fear, but overcoming on fear.

  4. A really interesting guy with lots of good wisdom that he shares willingly without purely selfish motives.

  5. My goodness! Thank you, Sir. This video was SO useful for me. I took a certain risk and now I am in that awkward and uncomfortable situation. But I am yet to figure out how to make my situation better.

  6. Fantastic. I’m making a pledge to myself to listen to this every morning for the next two weeks. Thank you sir.

  7. so true… “no one can ever defeat you but yourself ”
    thanks a ton… you are doing a wonderful job sir…. more power to u👍

  8. Brain Tracy – You are awesome. My mentor for over 20 years! Thank you!

  9. Anusha Shashidhar Keep at it girl! That’s the sign for you and us all to keep perservere that will result in our success. That is the fine line that separates successfull people and those who are not. It’s the ONLY way to be successful so embrace it and be grateful for it. Yup be grateful for it and NOT complaining.

  10. I love this! This is just what I needed to hear today. Thank you Brian.

  11. Thank you so much for those teachings, they are helping me to move forward. 🌲🍃

  12. Big dreams, total commitment, move out of comfort zone, take full responsibility, persistence

  13. Building the Courage:
    1- Big Dreams, Big Goals: write them down to prioritise
    2- Total Commitment: involve to the goals ‘full-time’
    3- Move Out of the Comfort Zone: even if you happy with your situations
    4- Taking Risks: accepting a failure more and more till find the right way
    5- Accepting the Mistakes: accepting the mistakes and learning from it
    6- Courage to be Responsible: have self confidence to stick to the plans
    7- Persist Longer: refuse to quit its guarantee of success

    ‘No one was ever defeated until they accepted as a reality, No one can ever defeated you BUT yourself’

  14. 1. Courage to dream big dreams and set big goal. Write down all your big dreams and your goal
    2. Courage to make total commitment to achieve your goal
    3. Courage to get out of comfort zone, to work on uncertain goal
    4. Courage to deal with failure. Double your failure to succeed faster. Deal with fear until fear gone
    5. Courage to make mistake ,learn from it and carry on. More mistakes more likely to succeed.
    6. Courage to take responsibility. Focus on solutions for all problems
    7. Courage to persist longer than anyone else. Refuse to quit. Winners never quit. Quitters never win.
    8. Courage to take action despite of fear until fear gone.

  15. I started reading your book a year ago. Follow you, do things. That made my life is changing. You are the greatest mentor.

  16. John Thanks very much for taking the time to summarise the key points. Your attention to detail assists other watches such as myself to quickly reinforce and increase the chances of retaining the key messages from the video. If you are on your own success journey I wish you all the best, and know that you will have many more rreads then likes and comments. Thank you for your generosity of effort,

  17. Brilliant advice sir!!! Really helpful and super motivating. Thank you so much sir❤️❤️

  18. – Set big goals
    – Be all in and commit to your goal.
    – Being in one’s comfort zone is the most dangerous thing. Face discomfort in order to grow.
    – Take the first step with no assurance of success.
    – Look at every step and setback as opportunities to learn and grow.
    – Failing is prerequisite to success. Double your rate of failure.
    – Do the things that you fear over and over.
    – Face danger and your fear.
    – The more you fail, the smarter you will become.
    – You need the courage to always say “I am responsible.”
    – Focus on solutions.
    – Persist longer than anyone else. Persistence guarantees success.

  19. This is incredible. Thank you, Brian. My life is much better for having found your work many years ago. You don’t know it, but you’ve been like a personal coach to me over the years – through your books and online content. Maybe one day I’ll have the pleasure of meeting you in person.

  20. Until some shooter shows up in your vicinity, yeah… try to remember those motivation quotes there.

  21. my routine starts listening to you. All the time I discover new things for myself and I become better than yesterday. You are my best teacher❤

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