ASMR ☮️ Affirmation Meditation ☮️

How to use affirmations for happiness

Hello my lovies! ^___^ I wanted to make a cosmic, simple and soothing Affirmation video for you for the longest time and even though this one is not perfect I really hope that it could be helpful to some of you! 🙂 Thank you for watching! ♥

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59 thoughts on “ASMR ☮️ Affirmation Meditation ☮️

  1. I feel like Maria is Mother Nature of the universe. I’ve never been a spiritual person but her videos of crystals and meditation make me want to explore that side of my life!
    Super relaxing video 😊✨

  2. I’m currently in the early phases of natural labor and watching this video. it’s calming me so much even during a contraction. thank you Maria for everything you do♡♡♡ much love and light to you from NC

  3. Maria is the Beyoncé of ASMR and if you think differently, you’re wrong

  4. *Probably the best one yet.* Deeply peaceful. Superb synthesis of visual effects. Perfectly layered sounds. A masterpiece of _ASMRtistry._

  5. Maria, I really hope you see this, I just want you to know that I’m speaking on behalf of everyone when I say this. Your angelic appearance and the care you put into your videos is perfect after a long day, or if you’re feeling down. From the bottom of mine and everyone else’s heart, thank you. You’re amazing, and you deserve every good thing that comes your way.

  6. I love Maria and her voice and that she’s trying to spread a good message, I just want to say one ‘disclaimer’ about affirmations. You don’t feel ‘negative’ emotions to ignore them and push them away, they’re there for a reason. To truly address your sad/angry/scared emotions, you need to figure out the root of their cause, and work through that, or accept it. Affirmations are very good to do once you understand these things, but it’s important to note you shouldn’t try to run to affirmations without having that fundamental understanding of dealing with your emotions. Being in therapy for many years thankfully has helped me with this, but I notice some people tend to skip over this important step, and it only backpedals on your real issues. They are only a temporary solution otherwise. I hope I’m able to help some people.

  7. Back to basics..simplicity at its finest. This was very nice to fall asleep to. For anyone looking to fall asleep to this, right click the video and then select “loop” and it will continue to play and you will hear positive affirmations all night while you sleep 🙂

  8. Maria, you are honestly THE amsrtist. You could find a way to do this for a living as an independent researcher and therapist. You are so knowledgeable about different triggers, sounds, and feelings. You’re incredible.

  9. I’m going to listen to this every single night until I truly believe EVERYTHING is said about myself. <3 Thank you for this wonderful gift Maria.

  10. Being someone with a runaway temper and a tendency to hold on to negative feelings, this video is absolutely perfect

  11. Please do more ASMR meditation videos Maria! I often search for random mediation videos when I’m stressed, angry or simply tired and have a bad headache or migraine. However I never find any of them relaxing and can never meditate properly! But your voice is so calm and gentle and perfect for mediation! Lots of love from Ireland ❤️

  12. The comment section to Maria’s videos are always the most positive and most cheerful places on YouTube. Keep it real fam ✌️

  13. As a synth nerd and ambient music producer (sometimes) I am often distracted by background music like this but I think the piece you chose is very well suited to this implementation. The sonic character of the sound, the notes played and the way they work with your voice are all very symbiotic and really worked a treat for me as ASMR experience. Well done.

  14. I’ve watched this 4 nights in a row and I don’t remember anything she says but I noticed that I am becoming more happy and im enjoying my mornings more! This video also makes me have more confidence in my self and self love and it really works.

  15. jabjab67 No, I don’t. I just believe, you can believe or not isn’t ? And I do! 😉

  16. jabjab67 in true I do believe in God based in own experience what doesn’t work as a prove for you my dear, stick with your believe as I do with mine. There’s no way to you prove to me anything about no god or me to prove to you about there’s a God . Move on…

  17. jabjab67 dude, let people live their own life man. If people want to be religious, let them be.

    Besides, there are a lot of really nice Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists (you get the point) out there!

    Learn to accept other people’s life choices.

  18. WOW, best of luck you amazing human (who is bringing another amazing human into this world) !!! <3

  19. char dar dar Congratulations! I was happy to see everything went well for you and the little one. May you and your family be blessed in all ways in the days to come. Blessed be, sister.

  20. Clodagh O’Sullivan I have the same problem! Maria’s voice is just perfect and I feel very relaxed with her, especially since I know she’s genuine and a lovely person

  21. Congrats, you will raise a beautiful child. Give them the best mom lessons you’ve got 🙂

  22. c c I watched similar asmr videos with both of my labors and it was magical ❤️❤️

  23. This is literally my ultimate meditation guidance right here, nothing has ever beaten it before nor after

  24. Have you heard of Biologist Bruce Lipton , Biology of Belief? It all makes sense now. Thanks to me watching This ASMR channel with Maria lead me to the movie E-motion and so much more. But it all started here for me. ♡ Now im putting my headphones on and going to sleep while i listen to this video. Goodnight…..!😴😴😴

  25. I completely agree with Clodagh! The large majority of meditation and affirmation videos out there aren’t relaxing or soothing at all. Yours is definitely the gold standard and unfortunately the only one I feel like is both positive and calming out there. It would be amazing if you made more of these, Maria. ♥️ 🥰

  26. It’s difficult for me to shut my thoughts off enough to meditate. However, I’m dedicating myself to trying. I’ve been listening to your meditation asmr for a few days now…slowly increasing the length . I’m up to 10 minutes…😊
    Thanks for this opportunity, Maria.
    Best of luck with everything, always.☮️

  27. Maria, knoweth thee that this video has basically become my daily routine to keeping my mind in healthy, calmer, balanced and great condition! It started off with just listening to it every day. Then I already learnt most of the lines by heart and started literally whispering them to myself while having a walk with my dogs. Then slowly I started adding my own personalized statements to yours. The first few times I nearly cried when I would say some of them out loud because it was painful how untrue they were for me. But slowly I tricked my brain into really thinking they were true and saying them started to bring a smile to my face and a feeling of excitement to my chest and it got to the point where most of them actually are true. What a power of mind we have, if only we worked more on it!

    Thank you for giving a little wind to my wings, you helped turn a hot mess into a pretty happy and well balanced person 😂❤️

  28. Maria. This has helped me through so many anxiety filled times… especially now with the lockdown and pandemic. Please make another to helps us through.

  29. That’s real therapy! The root of the problem has the answes for everything and, when we start finding out the WHY, we understand it is a bigger picture. Learning this through our lives is the best thing in the world, self-knowledge; self-cure and always with a therapist or a professional. We don’t see things these professionals see, they know what they’re doing, specially if it’s holistic and connects mind-body-spirit. Thanks for posting your thoughts. **

  30. You definitely did Grace ! I use affirmations but I refuse to talk about or think about certain things. I cant process them properly. Im seeking therapy even though in my community/culture , seeking mental help is a sign of weakness but I dont know what else to do

  31. This is pretty much how CBT works. Well done for committing to helping yourself, it takes a lot and I’m really happy for you 🤗❤️

  32. I finally found a community I can relate to. Same here I agree with all of you

  33. @Alexis You got that right!

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