Achieve Your Dreams

Achieve Your Dreams

Every time we set a goal, you and I feel enormous aspirations. Your elation rises when you achieve your dreams (even the smaller ones), aren’t you?

Sadly, many of our dreams remain just that – dreams. But there is hope for us.

We can take the chance and succeed! It’s just a matter of a positive mindset.

Don’t Stumble – Break the “Failure” Mold and Achieve Your Dreams

To begin, learning to aspire higher could make your life a lot better.

Setting goals becomes more difficult when the word impossible is used. Most people get frustrated thinking they can’t do it. Below, see if your favorite excuse is listed in these three:

  1. The challenge is too great.
  2. There is no way to achieve it.
  3. There is no way anyone can do this.

Inventions, innovations, and breakthroughs in human achievement would not happen if everyone thought that way.

Be a Barrier Breaker and Fly!

Initially, scientists were puzzled by the unassuming bumblebee. According to them, bumblebees cannot fly theoretically.

Fortunately, nobody has told the bumblebee that. Consequently, it does fly.

In order to achieve your dreams you must break out of that failure mold and decide that you can fly too!

Don’t Limit Your Dreams – Set Your Lofty Goal and Believe It

By limiting yourself through self-doubt and self-limiting assumptions, you will not be able to break through what you believe is impossible.

Clinging to an impossible dream if you reach too far out into the sky without working toward it will lead to failure.

How Do You Eat an Elephant?

You eat an elephant one bite at a time!

First, break down your dream into achievable steps. Then you move to achieve your goals you once thought were impossible.

Suddenly, the impossible seems possible.

Remember to Sweat to Achieve Your Goals and Dreams

One of my favorite inventors is Thomas Edison. I looked up a quick bio on Wiki and they stated:

“The inventions of Thomas Edison encompass a wide range of fields, including electric power generation, mass communication, sound recording, and motion pictures.

A number of these inventions, such as the phonograph, the motion picture camera, and early versions of the electric light bulb, have had a profound impact on the industrialized world of today.”

According to Mr. Edison, genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

Truer words have never been spoken.

In order to succeed in life, you must be disciplined and diligent. To achieve that one percent, however, you will have to set a lofty goal — something that cannot be achieved easily.

Think Big | Think Bold!

Realize your dreams by thinking big and working hard. With every step you take up the ladder of progress, the impossible becomes more possible. Think about, and then get rid of those bad habits and move forward.

To finish, setting and reaching goals does not always come easy. Yes, it’s simple to write down and think about. But, to make that first step to achieve your dreams takes action — and lot’s of it! Get started on one small part of your plan now. – Bob