A List of Positive Affirmations – 20 Statements and Affirmations for Life

A List of Positive Affirmations – 20 Statements and Affirmations for Life

Feeling blah? Get ready for a new day with a list of positive affirmations to inspire you.

“I believe that knowledge is power. No matter what stage of life we’re in, we should improve ourselves and/or our businesses. Developing a better mindset or learning new skills is key.” – Bob Pardue

  • Use these positive affirmations for:
  • A higher academic performance.
  • A more productive performance in athletics.
  • Becoming less stressed.
  • An enhanced performance when tackling challenging tasks.
  • Making healthier choices in life.

Say at least one of these sayings daily and watch your attitude improve.

Get Your Day Going with a List of Positive Affirmations for a Better Life

  1. Joy and gratitude are my choices.

  2. I am more than I appear to be, and I possess all the powers I need to be healthy.

  3. I eat healthy food to fuel my body.

  4. Health is the best taste in the world.

  5. In order for my body to be healthy, I must think healthy thoughts.

  6. The money in my bank account deserves to be abundant and prosperous.

  7. The desires, dreams, and goals I had were instantly fulfilled.

  8. I have God on my side, and He is leading me toward an abundant life.

  9. With the money I have, I can do worthwhile things.

  10. As my net worth grows each year, I am grateful.

  11. Life offers me an endless amount of possibilities.

  12. My world is filled with happiness and contentment.

  13. My goal is to live a happy, peaceful, and balanced life.

  14. Even the smallest things bring me joy, happiness, and pleasure.

  15. Every day, my happiness grows and expands.

  16. Personal and professional values are perfectly aligned with my ambition.

  17. Passionate, inspiring, fascinating and enthusiastic people share my zest for success and work.

  18. I create success for myself by creating opportunities for others to succeed as well.

  19. Taking on upcoming challenges feels positive, powerful, confident, and calm to me.

  20. The people I surround myself with are powerful and successful, and I receive daily motivation and inspiration from them.

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I hope this affirmation list gets you into an inspirational, positive mindset. And it will if you just repeat at least one per day. Enjoy!

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