6 Time Management Tips to Increase Productivity | Brian Tracy

How to use affirmations for happiness

Here are 6 time management tips that you can use to improve your organizational skills and increase productivity. The more of these tools you learn to use, the more that you will get done each day.

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37 thoughts on “6 Time Management Tips to Increase Productivity | Brian Tracy

  1. I’ve been doing this since the start of the year, and everything Brian is saying is 100% correct!

  2. So true, the best way to manage your time is to make a to-do-list. It helps you which task should be done first without jumping to another one.

  3. I like Brian Tracy He has a very particular way of teaching and a true source of inspiration! I just discovered him and I feel like feeding more and more on all his teachings. I choose him as one of my mentors! Grateful thanks for this video!

  4. I love Brian Tracy because he has a pleasant voice, speaks smoothly, doesn’t waste his time with irrelevant nonsense and gets to the point very clearly. I have viewed many on YouTube that bore me because they don’t get to the point. Brian gets to the point without wasting time.

  5. 1) pre-prepare next day schedule night before
    2)Schedule your time
    3) Start your day early
    4) Organizational skills
    5) Increase productivity
    6)Air travel productivity

  6. I was just skimming through after watching to write each step down.  Speaking of time savers!  Much appreciated.

  7. 1. Prepare in advance :
    — prepare your following day the evening/night before. 6Ps = Proper Prior Preparation Prevent Poor Performance
    2. Schedule your time :
    — plan your day, week and month. gives you a feeling of self control of your life and your world.
    3. Start early :
    — go to bed early and start early, most successful people wake up around 5 am.
    4. Organisation skill :
    — create a master list of all your organised stuff
    4. Prime time:
    — identify your most productive time of the day. this is the time of the day you work at your best
    6. Use travel time:
    — e.g. air travel time to read something useful, car commuting time listening to something useful

  8. Here is my little tips for time management (self management):

    1. Start tracking your daily activities so that you can see where your time wasters are. You can use a spreadsheet, a time clock of some kind, or a piece of paper, but it’s important to track every moment of your time during the day for about a week.

    2. Once you’ve finished tracking your time for the week, go through and highlight the time wasters. Next, identify items that can be outsource. Now, identify items that you need to do yourself. Separate the items you will do yourself between business and personal time. Divide further into money producing activities and non money producing activities.

    3. Once you have your list, set goals to help you manage the use of your time in a manner that is most productive. By changing your own behavior, you will feel as if you have more time in every day. You will feel more accomplished if you make a list of daily goals, marking off each task as they are completed.

    Goals should be very specific and include exactly what needs to be done, who will do it, and how it will be accomplished and by what time. By being very specific about goals, you’ll be more likely to achieve them.

    For some people, it helps to attack one issue at a time, working toward a full time management system within a month by eliminating one or more time suckers and wasters each week.

    Changing your behavior slowly with an end goal in mind regarding managing your time well will result in a new attitude about the time you spend doing various tasks.

    Increasing your productivity will feel terrific and while you can’t actually gain extra time in your day, you will feel as if you have accomplished this impossible task by freeing up time you used to waste in which to be more productive.

  9. I have been following Brian’s principles since the mid 1990’s and have succeeded in various areas. The principles are common sense, especially using the right time of day for uninterrupted planning/working. Two things I remember from a VHS tape 20 years ago was that most people do business deals in the am and ‘always show your product in its best light’. Great info!!

  10. Mr Brian always amazes me with his very convincing and unique way of conveying any message across.. Thank you Mr. Brian I can give you credit for so many positive changes in my life..

  11. this was perfect for me… Really thinking about the things I have to do without writing it down, it caused a lot of times just spending my time thinking about what I should do step by step.. Writing it down really prevented me from wasting my sleep by having insomnia by thinking about the next day. Thank you man.

  12. Thank you so so much! This helped me so good! This is an amazing and a very effective video! Thank you once again!

  13. I really enjoy you videos because they are so interesting, professional and useful for me! thank you very much!

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  15. All the self-help gurus out there….I always find myself coming back to Brian Tracy!

    I actually started doing the list thing by planning my day ahead of time and I found I did all my work so quickly that I was sitting there looking for more to do.

  16. Really good suggestions. These are some tactics that have been shared in several time management books.

  17. Great point about knowing your “prime time” to work! Mine seems to fluctuate either first thing in the morning or I’ll get a burst of energy at night. Thanks for explaining this!

  18. Thank you very much, Mr. Brian! Your advice is really valuable.

  19. This is prime information. I have realized that I get more done during the earlier party of the day. This is definitely when I should focus more on my goals.

  20. Thank u so much sir, Its really helpful and very clear ❤

  21. Sir thank you very much for all your valuable motivation it changed my life a lot I am always grateful to sir

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  23. Prepare your day the night before to embed it in your subconscious mind.
    Schedule your time.
    Sleep early and rise up early.
    Organizational skills : filing system
    Increase your productivity, knowing your prime time. mostly in the morning.
    External prime time for clients should be known as well.
    Stay uninterrupted as if you are in a flight on the air.

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