49/50 CEOs Do This Time Management Hack | Brian Tracy

How to use affirmations for happiness

Brian Tracy talks about the study that they made with 50 owners of successful companies, and what they learned is that 49 of them have to do lists for each day they work.

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44 thoughts on “49/50 CEOs Do This Time Management Hack | Brian Tracy

  1. Writing a daily list changed my life and it’s the simplest thing to do

  2. Agreed. I love the way Mr wonderful does it by putting is most important tasks(list) on sticky notes and puts them on the bathroom mirror. You go to the bathroom every single morning, you’ll always stay on track and not forget. Since the implementation of it in my own life, it’s very fulfilling at the end of the day knowing I got a lot of important things/tasks done

  3. This is what’s stops procrastination and creates time management which will help accomplishments become reality.We can only live one day at a time…..GOD created us for good works.🌅

  4. @Dennis Willis God created us for good works? Tell that to Hitler mate 😂

  5. I seen this video a while ago and all I did was roll my eyes and skip onto the next clip, saw it again a couple months ago and I actually tried it. Hands-down it’s been the best thing that has helped me since. I’ve gotten myself out of debt, put more money in my savings, I’m actually more motivated to check things off my list every day, it’s the smallest things that make the biggest impacts

  6. @NemoTheCanine Your logic is that Hitler was a person so God isn’t real?

  7. I did this in middle management before I owned my own business and continued to do so when I started my business with two partners. I still do this today for any complex task or job

  8. I also used to write a list in my corporate job, every morning I would write what I needed to get done that day and when I looked at that list to make sure it was thorough it seemed doable. But, I worked in an environment where everybody from the front reception desk all the way to the top corner office would constantly bombard me with interruptions that were urgent and panic and needed my attention right away thereby taking me away from my list and I was never able to finish that list. This resulted in me spending countless hours working into the night just to finish my list. This resulted in Burnout and a mental breakdown. This resulted in me leaving that job and forfeiting a promising career. This resulted in an anxiety disorder that I am now medicated for. This resulted in an inability to work in the corporate setting which was my only skill. But I digress

  9. @Future I think the answer to that is, the most important things to do that day come first and what’s next do afterwards. Plus keep a time slot so u can complete these things without skipping over. Plus do them properly so their complete.

  10. @amy bennett Thank you, your answer really gave an insight into this.

  11. The most important thing my father taught me was to create a to do list, have been doing for 30+ years now and has never let me down. Best tool ever!

  12. That’s why you never took the next step and owned your own company….you never learned the power of no..good luck to you

  13. Makes sense. When I worked at Walgreens we had management that had a list system and ones that didn’t. The list making management had the store running better then the non list making management.

  14. Every night before bed I write my to do list for the next day. This gets it out my head and I can sleep better. I always put downtime on my list so I make sure I look after myself. Best thing I ever did. I sleep better, accomplish more, I’m less stress and have downtime. Xxxx

  15. Reminds me when I was a soldier in the Army. Sergeant would always have us carry a pocket notebook. I wrote task list on my books and notable things that happened in the day. I continued the practice in college. I found the practice very satisfying. Since stopping I have been in chaos feeling like I’ve been pushing hard for things with little to no progress. I need to go back to my notebook days. I needed to hear this! 😅

  16. I said this in an interview one time, and they looked at me like I was crazy. Then when I got home, I realized I was talking to employees, not leaders.

  17. I’ve been writing lists for about 25 years. People think I’m insane, but all the things I write down I don’t have to worry about forgetting and I can prioritise my tasks because I can see them all in front of me, I can also put times against my tasks and then I know when I have free time to do things I enjoy or relax. I have my brother to thank for this, he started writing lists and I thought he was going senile at first, but then I realised he was onto something. 😂

  18. Great advice. I have a notepad, each morning I look at my meetings and write headers for each with the time, subject and main attendee on the left page. Then I write the tasks I need to get done on the right page, with the quickest ones first. In between meetings I work down the task list. If I don’t finish my list, it’s either because the meetings ran over or I got caught up in urgent tasks. Any unfinished stuff that can wait goes on tomorrow’s list. Any that can’t I work until they’re done and log the time so I can take it back another day. Since I started doing this I rarely get stressed about work.

  19. @anonymous mc Lol you don’t need to own your own company to say no. I’m an automation developer and I say no all the time.

  20. My suggestion to you would have been to shorten your list. You KNEW there would be interruptions, since it happened all the time. You build in a buffer if you will, for the unexpected since you didn’t have control over what your higher ups might throw at you.

  21. Personal failure in two ways, probably more, but two main ways. 1. Lack of faith in your boundaries, allowing others to effectively exert their will over you.
    2. Holding unreasonable expectations for yourself, which, in a way, is the same as the first point. Instead of setting reasonable boundaries between you and your responsibilities, you allowed your job to completely override your autonomy.

  22. If I did that, I would grind my teeth away in my sleep. Too much thinking right before sleep.

  23. @Joe Holland I do it about an hour before bed whilst I’m still downstairs. Xxx

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  25. This is 100% on point. I would procrastinate and not get things done so often and at the end of the day realize I basically did nothing all day. I started making lists and going off and them and was amazed how much stuff I could get done in a single day if I just went off a list. You are allowed to put fun things on the list as well such as playing video games, watching tv etc. but go off the list.

  26. Now as much younger, I was always trying to do that sort of thing. I kept one of those little notebooks in my pocket to write down things that occurred to me that I wanted to do and to try to put things in order. However, I also had a father who was determined to put me to work for him at every opportunity. So I kept making plans and not being able to fulfill my plans. It’s sort of been the way that things have gone from that time to this because he basically broke my pattern to fulfill his desires to Simply reap the benefits of my labor. This man is right that this is an excellent way to bring yourself into a successful pattern of behavior. I just wish that I had not been so ruthlessly interrupted in my attempts to build good habits and create good practices for myself.

  27. I’m glad to see this. I’ve been writing down thoughts, feelings, ideas and reminders. A note book takes about a year to fill. I started doing this 3 years ago. Every single day. I self reflect and add notes after it happens too. It helps a lot! I have great memory because of it and I work things out that I don’t think I would’ve figured out without writing it down. It’s not a list of chores. It’s different. The best simulator is pen and paper.

  28. @PhuckYo Couch shhhh don’t say this in public. I keep a low profile. 😆

  29. I’ve heard in my lifetime, that it’s unbelievably important to make your daily list of things to do at night before you go to bed the day before. Something about your mind being fully alert before you go to sleep and a clear path to what you need to accomplish the next day can be easily seen and translated to your list. Additionally, no matter what it says on the list you have to do it because the night before you will understand the reasons you have to do it but you might not the next day. That’s all

  30. Same I do this every morning. As an added bonus, it’s so satisfying checking everything off your list.

  31. A Daily Task List is essential! A 3×5 in your pocket to remind yourself of each task that day, is also a great ‘personal coach’. There is something wonderful about the hand eye in writing it down that connects it with thought and emotion.

  32. This advice is spot on people. If not for fortune for sanity

  33. Making a second account to upvote my videos is the simplest thing I do……

  34. Can confirm. I work in a job were managing my time is extremely important. Every day I have roughly 50 tasks. Without my list I had no time to do everything.

  35. I love affirmation. I do this on the regular, and each time I complete the list I feel major accomplished. Good to know I’m on the right track.

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