4 Truths To Grow Self-Love | Robin Sharma

4 Truths To Grow Self-Love | Robin Sharma

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45 thoughts on “4 Truths To Grow Self-Love | Robin Sharma

  1. Forgiving yourself and others is a way to love yourself. Realize that people rationalize their behaviour based on past programming. They did what they thought was right with the information they have received in life so far, you are different. By forgiving you are also doing it for yourself as it is you who are carrying the negative emotional baggage of not forgiving, NOT THEM.

  2. I hope everyone reading this has a great day & to live it to the fullest!! ♥️🧿

  3. May I add one more to this list? It’s bringing into alignment what I think, what I say and what I do. When I train myself to honor the single voice on the inside above the collective voices on the outside, I am making valuing myself a *visceral experience*. That makes all the difference because we don’t intellectualise life. We experience it. Therefore any new ways of living also have to be *experiential*. Many blessings to you. Keep shining 🌞

  4. 1. Honour your specialness.
    2. Do hard things daily.
    3. Go to the woods. (Silence, Solitude, Stillness)
    4. The more people you help the more love you will grow.

  5. Robin … this was just in time. It acted as a sharp corrector of some small flaws I had developed very recently! Wonderful work. Keep it up. Waiting for the next world class release from your best-self. Good Luck!

  6. I love you Robin, everytime I watch one of your mastery session I end up crying, thanks for reminding me these universal truths for a blissful life.

  7. Go to the woods is absolutely true , it really works in my life. Fourth point is also awesome sir, helping and making others happy will make us happy. Self – love is very important for each and every person. Nice video sir, thank you very much.

  8. Love your message of “world revolves around me.” There’s a very fine line between self love and being selfish! Infinite gratitude!

  9. Dear Mr. Robin Sharma. Watching your mastery sessions makes me feel like I have a mentor who helps me to do my daily efforts for improvement. I send you my thankful heart & respect from Indonesia. I wish you a very good health & happy life. God bless you. 🙏

  10. Self-Love is the STARTING point to WORLDCLASS….I LOVE that!!!
    I never cared about self-love and just did my job…day in day out….but my life transformed when I started to practice self-love and I became aware of what I really desired in life. I started creating changes to now live that life of my dreams, traveling the world.
    And it’s the successful, ambitious, high achievers that benefit the most from self-love (once they realize it) to thrive in their business!!!!


  11. I wish you the best in your endeavors. All the blessings of life are yours this very moment.

  12. Thank you so much, Robin. When I heard you, I feel like I also part of the cloth piece cut from your cloth. I am an entrepreneur and an Author. But I can say whatever you said and did I followed. I got what I am looking for. Yes, it is hardworking, but I am enjoying my life. From negative to positivity, I change myself.

  13. I rarely ever comment, but I ought to give respect and appreciation where it’s due. Thank you, thank you SO SO much for imparting your wisdom on self-love, Mr. Sharma. I truly am grateful for all of your videos, especially this one. You’re certainly changing lives with your service.

  14. “Stand as an army of one”. I love this Robin. Never would have associated this with self love. May you always be happy! ☀️

  15. Your famous quote “The purpose of life is life of purpose ” has become my mantra of life. Thanks Robin.

  16. Robin, this is one of the best videos I have heard from you on this topic. I am getting goosebumps whenever I listen to this. Thank you Robin. You have helped me and helping this homemaker immensely in each stage of my life. I wouldn’t say I have mastered your advices but I haven’t given up on myself despite difficult circumstances and thanks to you for that. Hope is still alive in me. Each day I wake up and I want to improve myself, I listen to you, again and again and it is amazing. God bless you!

  17. This is so helpful! Genuinely this video helped me so much. I haven’t been feeling well recently and this video has made me feel so much better. <3

  18. Thanks Robin Sharma for every word! And thanks for sharing all your knowledge with us. Your Book is already changing my life. Love and blessings.

  19. To the person reading this:

    You are who you are.
    You are a gorgeous and beautiful creation.
    You are a masterpiece.
    You are who you are.
    You are strong and courageous.
    You can absolutely do it.
    You are powerful.
    Remind yourself that you are who you are.
    Move forward with your determination, and conviction.
    You can absolutely do it.
    Have a great day ahead,
    Remember you are who you are.

  20. @deepak chaudhary I’m glad that I can be the pat on your back to you! Keep moving forward head high! I appreciate you! ❤️❤️❤️

  21. This was an accidental click but so glad to have listened it all. Cannot agree more that when I accomplish something hard after a lot of efforts , it has always added to my self confidence to try another thing that is hard. Thank you Robin Sharma fir sharing the wisdom 🙏

  22. Just be careful everyone when going to the woods picks safe time if you go in actuality. I say this lovingly 😊

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