15 Ways to Start a Speech or Presentation | Brian Tracy

How to use affirmations for happiness

Watch this video to learn more about 15 unique ways to start a speech or presentation. Want to learn more? How about my personal 5 minute speech formula?

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25 thoughts on “15 Ways to Start a Speech or Presentation | Brian Tracy

  1. Thank you, Brian!! So nice of you to share again your knowledge with us! You are always willing to help and I really appreciate that. For me, you are the best motivational speaker! I’ll soon make a first presentation…. to my wife! 8) About the things I really need her to understand my point of view. I think first I’ll build a bridge, then I start with a positive look at the future possibilities and then ask a question, before I continue 🙂

  2. I love to start speeches with taking a poll and having people raise their hands. I feel the physical movement has a positive effect on the audience’s attention throughout the speech.

  3. Excellent!!! I use to start with diving right into a story or action. But Brians different ways were GREAT! I will use them from now on!!

  4. Thank you so much for your amazing,helpful videos!!! I’m a high school student, i’ve been struggling with time management,stress, and productivity but i learned and got hopes from your videos!! I will sure try to make a good habits and try to follow every tips you gave, thank you again!!

  5. I really appreciate Brian Tracy because I tend to overthink things and he brings me back to realizing to just keep it simple.

  6. Great tips, thank you. When I’m introducing the presenters I thank the audience, and when I start my presentation, I start with a question. I find that audience participation really helps.

  7. This was way cool. You had my attention from the very start by using the examples you were quoting to start a presentation. This was a 5 minute video that ended without me realizing it was over so quick. Wow.

  8. Love this channel. Thanks for hooking me up with tons of useful tools. Everytime I open up a presentation I say my full name. It’s long it always gets a chuckle “Clifton Nicholas Henry Ali Skelliter” then I’ll get the audience to try and repeat it. That’s always a jumble of sounds which again gets another laugh. I then go on to explain how my mother was very indecisive and the immediately transition into the next phase of complimenting the audience (there’s always something positive or interesting about any audience). And then so on and so forth… 🙂

  9. I was preaching a sermon at the Bible college I attend and I started by saying, “Most of us start our sermons by quoting scripture or famous Christians… but today I am going to start by quoting a well known atheist.” They were hooked

  10. It was Penn (from Penn and Teller) talking about how he was leaving his dressing room after a show one night and someone gave him a bible . Penn then said something on the lines of, “If you believe that Jesus is the only way and you are not telling people about that, then you should stop saying that you believe Jesus is the only way.”

  11. Thank you Brian! You’re a great teacher. God bless and more power!

  12. I had presentations when I was in college, I love doing it; and that is why I’m now applying as a business management instructor. 🙂 thank you! I am following you 🙂

  13. I really love this. The examples are terrific. Thank you so much 💕💕

  14. There’s 5 hours to prepare for my first public presentation, I didn’t know how to start. Now I know😊🙆 Thank you!

  15. How lucky am I to have heard this 15 min before my presentation? Thanks Brian for sharing your wisdom with those who seek to be better.

  16. special thanks from you Brain Tracy to help us in starting of the speeches and another important skills to start or to end the speeches Besides give us more information about these information about everything so i have a question from you dear how can we improve our self confidence in front of our audience and how to speak confidently In addition another technical skills just like these we are waiting for your videos about this question

  17. Dear Brian, I’ve started watching your videos recently. You might be surprised but my reason for listening to you is because I’m learning English and I found both your topic and the language you use very useful for me. Thanks for your hard work. By the way, I´d like to share with you which is one of my biggest problems when speaking in public. How to start a speech so people keep interested in the topic I am talking about. I would need to have more ideas on how to start conversations.

  18. Keep up the great work and enthusiasm to learn English, cheering for you Emilio🌟

  19. @Cel Amade Thanks for your encouragement! I see that you have a youtube channel! I can’t help but visit it. See you there!

  20. You are an incredible man Brian!. Thank you so much. I’m gonna have a meeting after 27 minutes, and this helped me a lot.

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