🗝️What If It Doesn’t Work? Wayne Dyer & Neville Goddard Quotes from The Power Of Awareness

How to use affirmations for happiness

What If It Doesn't Work? Wayne Dyer feat Neville Goddard Quotes fr The Power Of Awareness – Wishes Fulfilled – The Law of Assumption.

[Wayne Dyer's statement correction – Muggsy Bogues was actually 5ft 3in]

Your assumption, to be effective, cannot be a single isolated act; it must be a maintained attitude of the wish fulfilled. [And that maintained attitude that gets you there, so that you think from your wish fulfilled instead of thinking about your wish, is aided by assuming the feeling of the wish fulfilled frequently . It is the frequency, not the length of time, that makes it natural. That to which you constantly return constitutes your truest self. Frequent occupancy of the feeling of the wish fulfilled is the secret of success.]

– Neville Goddard

The Power Of Awareness


Dr. Wayne Dyer

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Turning Slowly – Ugonna Onyekwe

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56 thoughts on “🗝️What If It Doesn’t Work? Wayne Dyer & Neville Goddard Quotes from The Power Of Awareness

  1. “When I was going through it people didn’t realize how tough it was. No one was really looking at little guards at the time and the game was changing from the late 70’s to the early 80’s, but I had to have strong skin and a tough mind because tough times don’t last, tough people do. I never gave up and I always pursued my dreams because I had confidence in myself and I cannot stress that enough, how important it is to just believe in yourself and not being afraid to fail.”
    – Muggsy Bogues

    [Wayne Dyer’s statement correction – Muggsy Bogues was actually 5ft 3in]


  2. I found the ultimate secret from this video….never to give up and to press on until you get what u desire inspite of seeming setbacks. Thank u!

  3. Well, not just to press on..but to imagine that the wish is fulfilled..that you are ALREADY THERE. That is what most people miss. Once you come FROM the state, instead of aspiring TO the state..you will have it..trust me!!!

  4. Wow!!! This video was for me… I am not giving up and one of this days I will testify it to all of you!!! 💪🏼

  5. I’m nearly enlightened folks!!

    Nah, seriously. When Wayne died we lost the best teacher of our time on this subject. He had it all!

  6. Whatever you assume will become reality. Train yourself to assume the positive and it will
    Become true

  7. ☼THIS is the MOST important message in this Human Experience, we Humans call Life, but it is really “I AM” dreaming.☼

  8. Thanks again for the upload my heart rejoice.for all my bountiful blessings

  9. I been listening and reading about the Loa the whole mind thing your thoughts your words and feelings is very powerful I been playing the lottery for a while like 4 years off and on but I found to release my thoughts of winning the lottery stop dwelling on it let the universe handle it and…..well let’s just I’m very happy I feel the same way as I was practicing the feeling of winning it at those times I’m a multimillionaire now thanks to Abraham hicks teachings n Goddard’s teachings and exercise desire fulfil.

  10. It feels natural for me being the world’s most prominent attorney, real estate mogul, bestselling author, and philanthropist​.

  11. All things are possible. I applied for a job that had 350 applicants and I was the only one that got it.

  12. Joe Dispenza is the best teacher ever. Right beside Neville.

  13. Imagination creates reality ,thank you for video ,peace and love 🙏❣️ to all

  14. Thank you so much for this video. It’s a great reminder! I love your playlists and your videos, especially the ones with music. It ignites so much inspiration. Thank you for your creations.

  15. Thank you so much for your kindness, happy to hear you enjoy my videos. Blessings to you my friend. ❤💎🙏❤

  16. This blew my mind. Thank you for your wisdom that you so willing share to enlighten us. God bless you

  17. Neville Goddard teaches that our imagination is God. I love it!

  18. Neville Goddard has really figured out life & the absolute best way to live. I’m so thankful, after 37 years of searching for the true answer, it was finally revealed to me. Seek & it shall be given to you. Seek & you shall find.

  19. In this 9 minutes is everything what you need….Amazing video! Is so simple…..feeling of the wish fulfilled! If it doesn’t feel natural to you so it is not going to manifest. Love this video! I know that I am on the right way! 🤗 Blessings to all of you to manifest your dreams!❤

  20. Thank you for correcting him. As a NBA fan I instantly got triggered when he said 5,7. Spud Webb was 5,7 and could dunk, so maybe he got Webb mixed with Bogues, or… maybe he’s twisting things around… *wink*

  21. It’s feels natural to me to be happy, loved and be in peace of mind, I wish all of you have a peaceful life 🙏🏼

  22. 7:12 “An assumption if persisted in, will harden into fact” That’s so deep, almost like a biblical verse

  23. If it truly feels natural, then it should happen, and the more natural, the sooner.

  24. Only by believing in the One can you know yourself and attain, what is claimed here to be selfconfidence. It’s not from self but from the One, that is the Father as we are in Him. But only when the Father and I are One. We know our weekness in our flesh, though we don’t see it. Only when we see, “I am” One, can we believe all you say in ourselves but only as One. Because it takes that which is the One, of His own creation, only in us as the image of Himself in that creation, as “l am”, to understand what we are, for what He created and made us to be, with Him, As One.
    When we believe we can see how He sees us in His Temple and One with Him, in the conference He gives us in our part in Him, as I Am One with my Father and my Father in me, as the Temple. Now it is I, as I Am in the power of God in HIS Temple. So it is no longer Me But Christ in me as One. And selfconfidence is no longer but God’s confirmation of Himself, as I, Am One.

  25. When your desires feel natural, they are on the verge of manifestation. There is this calm sense of knowingness that it’s already yours, and you live in the moment with gratitude.

  26. I cannot trust anybody anymore. The internet is full of liars. You cannot know what is true, and what is not anymore. So many fake people spread fake information. Then when it does not work they play with words to always point a problem to you. The fact is, there is no god, and even if there is, it does not wish to help you with whatever you like to experience, because he doesnt care. All this mambo jumbo all these people are spreading on youtube do only one thing, to make themselvs rich by exploiting naive people who believe their bullshit. I believed it all, i am more angry at myself for believing such idiotic things.

  27. liv It is only and merely a map that takes you much closer than anyone could ever get without it. Do not expect life to hand it all to you merely because you ‘feel’ to want the ‘moon’ to collapse for example LoL. Be realistic. Btw the moon could collapse don’t be fooled.

  28. @samir laxmi she just shared it to you, for which you thanked her

  29. Hi John. Congrats! Do u remember what you did to impress the subconscious mind to obtain this job?? Thanks!!

  30. Finally got that 100,000 I’ve been thinking about and a New Job I love . Finally thank God !! And God surrounds me with love all the time that I receive graciously from within and around me . I embody the truth of divine love every day . Yes that feels good .

  31. The other 349 ppl live in their own reality. Maybe they got it too! 🙂

  32. I never heard anyone say that before. That’s really something. I like the concept of that so much. Thank you for sharing that.

  33. @Aquarius a stranger getting a job is more important than your beliefs about your own life? One’s beliefs about life are the fundamental elements of living!

  34. Have you been doing that? If so, let us know how you’re doing 2 years later

  35. Neville taught the law through the teachings of the Bible. The Bible of describing our different states of consciousness and not the holy Christian way it is taught. So his lectures would almost sound biblical when he spoke. Love that man

  36. I don’t know how to imagine being there from here because I’ve always been here. I wanted more money or bigger place or where to ? I don’t know how to feel that way if I don’t know never had it ?

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