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Modelling intentions for the new year

Yes, another year (and another decade) gone already!

Ferris Bueller said in the popular movie:

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it!”

So, what are your intentions for modelling in the coming new year?

Have you thought about it?

Here are a few steps to give you some inspiration and motivation to get started for 2020.



Modelling intentions for the new year

What Are Your Modelling Intentions for the New Year? 2020 is Here – Make It a Good Year for Becoming a Model!

Great intentions give you the tools you need to better your life. If your intentions are bad or negative, you could be filled with…

  • greed,
  • envy,
  • self doubt
  • hesitation to embrace change
  • resentment towards others, etc.

This new year, get all these damaging influences out of your life.

What Can Positive Intentions Do?

  • Intentions are mighty.
  • Intentions tell other people where our goals are heading.
  • Good intentions get us out of our comfort zones so we can move forward with those goals.
  • Lastly, they become our motive that helps us to accomplish our objectives in modelling and in life.

What Does It Take to Learn How to Set Your Intentions & Goals?

To learn your intentions, you’ve got to make an effort!

Sometimes, you’ll feel bad-tempered, and grit your teeth. But, as you continue to learn you’ll see a light at the end of the tunnel.

So what if some of your intentions don’t make it to reality? Use affirmation to change bad intentions to great thoughts.

It always helps to write down your intentions (or new year’s resolutions). When you put down your goals for modelling or intentions on paper, it helps you to discover you.

Okay, maybe you really don’t like to write. Force yourself to do it. If you keep a journal you are able to look back later to see how you’ve grown in your goals – and your career as a model.

It only takes a couple of minutes daily to jot down your feelings, thoughts, ideas etc. And, it’s totally worth it!

Become More Successful in Modelling by Building Resources..

I’ve said this a thousand times; Find where you belong in modeling and then use all your energy to build on your strengths. This is where success lies.

For instance, if you are 5’5″, you might become a runway model but your chances are better in commercial or promotional work.

Discover yourself, and find alternatives available to you in the industry. Pull up resources. As a matter of fact, build resources by embracing others in the fashion or model business.

And, once you see some success, help other beginner models who need your help getting started. One of my mentors, Zig Ziglar used to say;

“You can have everything in life you want; as long as you help other people get what they want.”

These resources unlock the doorways to modeling success.

Use these 5 steps to finding your niche in modelling; or any other career you want to pursue. Check your intentions with these steps..

  1. Ask the question: What is the ideal career for me?
  2. Pull up your assets and utilize them to your benefit.
  3. Do a job search to help you discover a new job or career that makes you happy (You might find you want to work in fashion design instead of modelling, etc.).
  4. Always follow through with your plans.
  5. Never quit and demand results.

Winston Churchill was famous for many reasons. But, one statement he made that I’ve never forgotten is simply:

“Never give up. Never, never give up.”

Once You Find Your Intentions – Take Action for Results

Take action by recording your particular needs and wants. If it’s modeling, write down where you want to be; and how long it’s going to take to get there.

Go over your innermost positive thoughts you’ve developed. Then, listen to the voices that tell you how you can better your personal life.

Learn to train your conscious mind to…

  • Live healthier,
  • Work toward your dream daily,
  • Become people oriented (Be a person people really love to be around.)
  • And mostly, keep positive even during the tough times.

Take Charge of Your Instincts for Modelling Success

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Life moves pretty fast. So, get your free printable model planner & get moving yourself for 2020!

Yes, we all have instincts inside us.

However, the good news is, you can learn to restore your instincts and listen. And, listening helps you better your personal or professional life.

And of course, “life moves pretty fast.

So, if you want to hop on that modelling career success train, you’ve got to look around for opportunities.

Finally, once you find those open doors, walk through to follow your dream of being a model in 2020.

I believe a person must have dreams and aspirations.

But, I also believe many never reach them.

My hope for you is that you make every effort to reach those modelling goals.

Yes, you may stumble. You might even fail.

But, you’ll have the satisfaction of saying; “I gave it everything I had.” That’s all anyone can do. Best of success! ~ Bob

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