wisconsin modeling agenciesWisconsin Modeling Agencies – List of Modeling Agencies in Wisconsin

Want to Get WI Jobs as a Model? The model agents and directors listed below are a good starting point to get bookings for Wisconsin models. Just scroll through this directory and find your city, or a Wisconsin modeling agency near you…

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Green Bay

First Choice Talent & Modeling

1718 Velp Ave #E

Green Bay, WI 54303

Phone: (920) 497-6909


Forte Modeling and Talent LLC

2050 Riverside Drive

Green Bay, WI 54301

Phone: (920) 432-1137

E-mail: info@fortemodeling.com

Pearce Studio

1599 Western Avenue

Green Bay, WI 54303

(920) 592-9494


Model Exchange Limited

3769 East Washington Avenue

Madison, WI 53704

(608) 241-1700

Rock Agency

6312 Monona Drive

Madison, WI 53716

Office: 608-238-6372



Arlene Wilson Model Management

807 N. Jefferson 200

Milwaukee, Wi 53202

Phone: (414) 283-5600

Jennifer’s Talent Unlimited

740 N Plankinton Ave #300

Milwaukee, WI 53203

Phone: (414) 277-9440


LA Tel Modeling & Talent

152 West Wisconsin Avenue

Milwaukee, WI 53203

(414) 278-8856

Lori Lins Ltd

7611 W Holmes Ave

Milwaukee, WI 53220

Phone: (414) 271-2288

Oak Creek

V.I.P. Talent & Promotions, LLC

8635 S. Golden Fields Dr.

Oak Creek, WI 53154

(414) 333-2280

Fax: (413) 714-2879



Modelshotz Photography

152 West Wisconsin Avenue

Milwaukee, WI 53203

(414) 276-6335

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Taking the plunge into the network of Wisconsin models is sometimes scary, especially if you don’t have the representation from a reliable management agency in the business.

That’s why I’ve listed the talent agents in Wisconsin for for teenagers no matter if you are male or female to ease the burden of searching all through the Net for representatives. Although not all inclusive, the model agency list above is meant to help you find someone to work for you.

Haven’t Found Wisconsin Modeling Agencies Yet?

Keep searching. There are bound to be at least one or two listings of reliable Wisconsin modeling agencies in or near you town. Most agents are listed in the larger cites or, you might venture out to cities in other states nearby to expand your chances of landing model jobs.

In other words, if you know you’ve got talent, then don’t give up! Keep searching the directory below to find talent agents in Wisconsin who can use your look.

Now, especially with online connections, Wisconsin models can take advantage of larger companies to manage their careers like Wisconsin Elite agents and talent managers. Check out the rest of the list for local businesses to find the one right for your look.

Before contacting any of these Wisconsin modeling agencies, do a little research and homework. You’ll discover that being prepared will take you much further than those WI models who have no plan of action.

So, check out each company with the BBB, other models who’ve worked with them first.

Next, make contacts to find out about open call days (if they offer them) or at least make sure you apply in the way stated on their website. This makes you look very professional.

I’ve already listed tutorials on what to wear to model agency interviews and other tips so browse the site to get more info – or sign up for my Free modeling mini course to get started with the best Wisconsin modeling agencies the right way.

Your Look Plus Persistence Could Mean Real Modeling Jobs in Wisconsin

Some of the modeling categories include fashion, print, and commercial talent so check each agent to see where you fit into the network.

Taking into consideration your personal look and abilities, the listing will help you develop your career and look for talent agencies Wisconsin is known for. There are many options so keep trying even if you are not accepted by the first one.

How about a Children’s Modeling Agency Wisconsin?

Surprisingly, you’ll find that many in this directory of Wisconsin modeling agencies are hungry for new talent from children’s modeling to grown-ups so put your feet on the sidewalk, look for WI open calls with a local Wisconsin modeling agency to get your dream in motion!

With that said, I hope you’ll find a Wisconsin model management company to take your career to the next level and wish you lots of success in the entertainment network.

Please let us know if you find errors in these Wisconsin modeling agencies listings or if you need to add an agent to the directory. – Bob Pardue