Winter Beauty Tips

It’s getting cold out! Time to shed the summer clothes and put on the bulky winter outfits. This includes your beauty routine too! That’s why I’ve posted these winter beauty tips for models and others who are fighting the cold.

Do you feel that your beauty evaporates during the cold season? You are not alone. Many women, even beauty models, find this to be true.

You understand, winter wouldn’t feel as bad if only you could possibly feel as cozy in your skin during the cold months as you do through the summer season.

If there were some way you might, during July, somehow transfer yourself right to the middle of January, you’d simply feel that hey, dry winter skin wasn’t a problem whatsoever.

Winter Beauty Tips – Dry Winter Skin Problems Be Gone!

You would feel that way because your skin would still be on summer time. Basically, if you could take great care of your skin in the winter, not only would you get through winter a lot more easily, you’d actually get compliments at every turn for how great you looked.

This beauty advice for winter skin should help.

Why Winter Skin?

It’s no wonder that your skin doesn’t do very well when it’s really cold outside.

Your skin has to face two kinds of challenges. It’s very dry and very warm indoors; and the moment you step outside, there is Jack Frost blowing up a storm. Your skin just doesn’t know what to do and you get parched everything – skin, lips, hair.

1. Shower Quick

Let’s begin our winter beauty tips with ideas for your poor flaking skin. First thing for you to do is to not expose yourself to water any more than you have to.

A five-minute shower should be most effective. It’s just that a good long hot shower can clean your skin of old dead skin cells.

That is what holds the moisture in. Do away with those, and you’re left with dry skin.

So just jump in and out of the shower in no more than a few minutes, and make sure that you don’t dry yourself too much.

Just patch yourself dry and then lock the moisture in with something like Nivea Express Hydration Daily Lotion with Hydra IQ. And make sure that you keep deodorants and perfumes off. Unscented is best.

2. Perfume and Nail Gloss Can Cause Winter Dry Skin

That bit about going unscented should tell you something. Your skin is already plenty stressed in the winter.

Don’t stress it any further with anything artificial. For instance, lay off the nail polish. Not only does it keep oxygen out, it keeps all the lotions and stuff that you use on your hands from your reaching your nails, too.

Try to hydrate your nails with Shea Butter and Sephora’s Original Nourishing Cuticle Oil.

3. Washing Your Hair in Winter

Concerning your hair, the more you hydrate your scalp, the more likely it will manage to face cold weather. Pick up a bottle of pure jojoba oil and massage a couple of drops for your scalp each night.

And try to lay off regular shampoos that could strip your scalp of the natural oils. Use sulfate free shampoo like Ouidad Climate Control Defrizzing by Sephora.

These are just a few beauty secrets to try this winter. Do searches online and I’ll bet you can find even more.

At any rate, follow this simple winter cosmetic advice to have that manageable hair and beautiful, natural looking skin you crave. Oh, don’t forget your winter coat!

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