faux fur coat.

The Fashion Model Fur Replacement – Faux Fur Coats

Just watch any winter fashion runway show and the beautiful models will be strolling down the catwalk wearing a faux fur coat.

The trend is not totally new and the reasons are sometimes obvious.

Female models are wearing faux furs because ..

The faux fur coat and other clothes are usually made from a blend of acrylic and polyester or acrylic alone.

Some manufacturers use a high quality acrylic, which gives a softer feel, with a more realistic looking pile.

faux fur coat

faux fur coat

In addition to full length and three quarter length coats, there are:

  • fake jackets
  • wraps
  • stoles
  • capes
  • shrugs
  • and boleros.

Hats, scarves and muffs are also popular. It’s not just for the ladies either; there is also a range for men and children. For these quick modeling tips, let’s dive into some substitutes & reasons..

Wearing Fur bridal wraps

Some items are specially made for the wedding market.

Brides who are anti-fur still want to look a million dollars and a winter wedding is a great excuse to wrap a white bolero around the wedding dress.

There is a sexy wear range too, notable for the use of a lot of pink fur! Eye shades are also available, in ocelot or zebra prints.

The plight of actresses and models alike for substitutes

There are many actresses and those girls involved in modeling today that make a stand against animal fur and who also want to promote the use of the faux fur coat.

One such celebrity is English actress Liz Hurley who has posed for photographs, wearing an attractive artificial mink stole.

Trendy colors and numerous choices of Faux fur style

There is a great deal of variety in styles and color when it comes to the faux fur coat and other fake clothing.

So, real animal furs are replicated to resemble leopard, mink, husky, African cheetah, fox, chinchilla and silver fox.

Colors include the classic white, beige or gray or the more adventurous red and pink.

What about photo shoots?

Taking it to the next level, you can wear these stylish coats for your model poses too! No matter if you are planning to get into fashion, runway or looking for a career in any type modeling, you might want a picture or two – be creative!

So, if you are a fashion model who wants to look her best in pictures, or if you are just a beginner who wants to learn how to be a model, ask your photographer about wearing a faux fur coat when doing your next photo shoot.

Your images will have a bit more variety. And, you might even catch the eye of that talent agency you are ready to contact.

I hope you enjoyed this story of why fashion models wear faux fur coats. And, I’m sure you’ll accept the advice to help with your look. Come back often for more fashion model tips and interesting stories. – Bob


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