Who is Andreea Diaconu

Who is Andreea Diaconu? Discover the Mystery of Beautiful Female Supermodel Andreea Diaconu

Growing up in Romania has made me pretty frugal—right now I’m wearing $10 Levi’s from a vintage store in the East Village.

~ IntotheGloss Interview

See What’s Going on with Andreea Diaconu These Days!

There is nothing more refreshing than telling about the fabulous female fashion models who are on top of their game..

These stories about Andreea Diaconu will help clear some of the mystery behind her (ever growing) modeling career and I believe you’ll enjoy exploring her super model biography and “secrets”.

First, some background about Andreea. She is represented by several management companies  including IMG, one of the top modeling agencies in New York so this in itself speaks loudly about her soaring career.

Her covers include Vogue in three countries: American, Paris and Germany.

What Do They Say about Andreea?

In the Andreea Diaconu biography, Models.Com writes:

“Blessed with an innate elegance and undeniable presence in editorials, it was only a mater of time before Andreea Diaconu rose straight to the top.

With a Vogue Paris cover under her belt and steady campaign work for power players like Ralph Lauren and Dolce & Gabbana Andreea is a star on the rise.”

Into The Gloss Interviews

In a recent candid interview Into The Gloss reaches the intimate side of Miss Diaconu. Here is a small excerpt from her talk with them:

“I’ve been modeling for 10 years – since I was 13. I just saw my agent who scouted me way back when and it reminded me about how crazy that is.

I’ve only been full-time for the past three years, though. I wouldn’t have been able to keep up with all of this for a decade.

In all that time, I’ve also become a lot more comfortable with what I do—not that I was ever uncomfortable, but it’s easier as an adult. Coming from Bucharest, and growing up poor, it’s just such a different world.

But Romania is a lot more into fashion these days, so things are looking up! People are starting to dress more creatively. It’s exciting to see.

Now that I live in New York, I’m also studying Social Psychology at Western University—the online classes are perfect for long plane rides.

I travel a lot during the week, and I feel like I have to be productive in other ways, and school is a really cool and interesting way to do that.

Andreea Diaconu and STYLE

Growing up in Romania has made me pretty frugal—right now I’m wearing $10 Levi’s from a vintage store in the East Village.

This is my mom’s shirt. I still have the pair of Converse I got on my first modeling job—they weren’t cool in Romania yet and they just kept stretching with my feet.”

So, you can see from these stories that Andreea Diaconu is firmly situated as a top female fashion model and I really love her down to earth attitude, don’t you?

Yes, it’s so refreshing to see anyone in the spotlight keep their feet on the ground.

I hope when you reach the top in modeling like Andreea Diaconu that you will keep a level head too! – Bob Pardue


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