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When Should I Apply to a Model Agency?

Is the modeling agency a big mystery to you?

Have you tried a couple but didn’t find work in your area?

Well, you are not alone. Applying to modeling agencies can be tricky.

Find out how to begin below.

First, I want to quickly explain the reason for the modeling agency. According to Wiki, These top model agencies..

  • Help train models
  • get test shoots
  • layout portfolios
  • and put together comp cards (composition photo cards)

They represent fashion models and other modeling types. These management companies are must-haves if you want to get into modeling as a career. So…

How Do You Get Started With Modeling Agents?

You want to be a model or you wouldn’t be reading this, am I right? And truth is, many beginners in this business believe they can get started by:

  1. walking through the mall (getting discovered)
  2. going to NYC
  3. sending in pics to modeling agencies.

Yes, some do get started this way. But first, you need to be prepared. Today, I’m going to explain three ways to help you get ready – before you contact the agents.

Do these steps and your chances increase ten-fold. Don’t do them and well, you might succeed – might not!

So, let’s begin our journey and see what you need to do – before you apply to agencies..

Why Do Models Get Ahead Anyhow?

Through my many years as a model photographer, I’ve learned that some models come along faster than others.

But, when are you truly ready to apply to a model agency and work in the industry?

I want to give you some clues to suggest you’re ready to go in modeling. And, if you follow these 3 steps, your career should move along more quickly. Okay, let’s go..

3 Quick Things to Learn BEFORE You Apply to a Model Agency

ONE: Learn All You Can About The Modeling Business

This is a given. But, many new models just don’t take the time to learn their trade.

Truth is, modeling agencies know who comes prepared – and who doesn’t. So, don’t put yourself in the “don’t know” category.

Take time to learn all you can about modeling (and the agencies) before you dive in.

Find out:

  • Who is the best person to contact.
  • When does the agency talk to new models (open calls)
  • And, know how to present yourself in a positive way.

You’ll be happy you did!

Frankly, I’m so sold on this idea that I put up an entire email course to teach people the ins and outs of the modeling industry. If you like, you can sign up for it free here.

TWO: Research The Agencies Before You Apply

Again, many models never take this step. So, if you want to stand out ahead of the crowd, research the model agents you want to contact.

I won’t cover every part in this post but you can see how to do it in my modeling agency secret tips (a quick read but powerful).

I recommend you study all you can about the agents. Then, when they ask you questions, you are more prepared to answer.

Once you learn more about the agency, get yourself ready for open calls. This is step three..

THREE: Make Your Open Call Count!

Now, you’ve taken two big steps in becoming a model, and I’m happy you made it this far.

Although the first 2 steps are extremely important, the open call is where you really shine!

What is an open call? Basically, you go to open calls to get interviewed by the agency. But again, I’ve written a full report about open call preparation to get you prepared.

This is where they will make a decision as to whether they can use your look.

Don’t walk in unprepared for this interview! Remember, you only get ONE CHANCE to make a first impression.

How Do You Make A Great Impression at Your Interview?

There is no one way. Each model agency selects models based on different criteria. Also, much depends upon the type modeling you want to get involved with.

But, you can learn some basics to make your interview go much smoother.

On the site, I’ve included 5 modeling agency interview tips to show “must-do” secrets to success. I strongly suggest you read them here..

Are You Ready to Apply to Agencies for Modeling?

In this post, we covered three of the main things you need to do before you show up at an agency.

These tips were quite simple. But, they put you ahead of many of the new models out there who go in without a clue.

If you plan to take your model career seriously, you’ll learn everything you can about the profession.

Most top name models took time to..

  • Learn
  • Get fit
  • Talk to other working models
  • And, work toward their goals every day.

Seems like a lot of work (it is), but the rewards can be worth it. Just ask any famous person how they got there. They’ll mention most of the “secrets” above.

Fact is, it’s not such a secret now, is it?

So, now that you’ve read these tips, it’s time to take action. Look over these again. Then, make sure you  know these steps before you research the modeling agencies listed.

Other models have followed these same steps – and now work as models in various areas. You can too! Take the business seriously. Do your homework. I hope to see you in the mags! – Bob

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