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New York runway and female glamour girls get all the glory but what if you don’t fit those categories? Could you become a promotional model instead? There are many options for girls who want to model. One of these avenues is promotional modeling.

The Art of Getting Trade Show and Promotional Modeling Jobs

Not quite as exciting as posing for photographers in swimsuits or fashion clothes and you might not become the next Tyra Banks but it’s still a way to make a living if you are willing.

Working trade shows as a model can be hard work but a rewarding career for the right girl.

What Promotional Models Should Know

What Promotional Models Should Know

If you are a female teenager interested in starting out as a model, there are many types of jobs available besides runway or high fashion.

Promotional modeling is just one area.

This article and video presentation explains the definition and some of the requirements for how to get into promo modeling and work in this field at a trade show or other events.

Even if you plan to submit applications to promotional modeling agencies for jobs, it is still a smart idea to learn some modeling poses for photographers.

When opportunities arise in other types of modeling such as commercial or maybe even glamour you’ll have some experience to take advantage.

Also, take some extra time to look over some modeling tips pertaining to the type of modeling you are going to pursue.

Female models working in promotion can also get modeling jobs with agencies representing other types.

What is Promotional Modeling? How to Female Beginners Get Started?

This report will cover the question of how to get started in promo modeling and help you to break out of the mold of “America’s Next Top Model” stereotypes.

No jobs for supermodels

One thing you will need to start is, of course, good looks. This means a good complexion, hair and a decent body type. You don’t have to be super tall but 5’6″ or more is a plus.

How to Be a Promo Model

Females who want to get started in promotional modeling need to have a high energy level.

Sometime they work 8 hours or more without very many, breaks, so they have to look great all day long.

And, they will not have a MUA on hand so the makeup freshening up is up to them. In the world of high fashion, models tend to be tall, slim and have a distinctive look, radically speaking for them.

You’ll find that many girls and young women who are fortunate enough to be trade show models are attractive – for good reason.

The promotions model is many times more ravishing than the supermodels because she has to look beautiful for a different section of the population, the average public.

So, look in the mirror and see if you are taken away by your beauty. If so, you might be a trade show model candidate.

What clients want

Companies who hire promo and trade show models want someone who can represent their business with grace and style while doing promotions to bring them into the spotlight of customers, in a positive way.

Professional promotional modeling calls for a personality to die for, drawing clients to the trade show booth or to the bar, or wherever the model is needed.

A Word about Outfits and Costumes

When you decide to get jobs in promotional modeling, you will be required to wear a variety of outfits and costumes.

Now, take into consideration that, if you work at a bar or nightclub, these clothes might be very skimpy and very sexy so don’t be surprised if you are showing a bit more than you are comfortable.

Most likely, you will be required to be 21 or older to do this type of work.

Let your model agency representative know what you are, and are not willing to do to avoid future conflict when settings in promotions are offered.

Trade show models could go either way. Many girls and guys in the booths can dress conservative unless the event is for Harley-Davidson retailers, etc.

So, just be prepared to dress for each separate event if you plan to get started in this network.

Promotional Modeling Agencies

Last note – Now that you have your answer to the question, “how to become a promotional model” the next step, especially if you are a beginner, is to get started.

As a trade show or promo model the first thing you have to do in order to start a career and get jobs is to go online and contact some promotional modeling agencies .

Now is the best time to begin your new lifestyle.

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