What Models Are Saying about Bob Pardue

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I hope my website for models who are just beginning is helpful to your career.

Over the years others have come forward and shared what this modeling information has meant to them.

These few words give me inspiration to do even more to help new fashion and glamour models advance in this competitive field. Many thanks to all of you! – Bob Pardue

New Models Talk ..

“I wish to thank you for this wonderful web site designed especially for becoming a model you have. I’ve been learning much about the entertainment industry (from the videos, from the articles on Make up tips etc. etc.).

It’s great to have people who are passionate by their Job like you are! I wish you the best of success and many thanks for giving me such an opportunity to learn this great advice”

– Isabelle, Republic of Mauritius


“Hey Bob, has anyone told you what an impact you make in our lives with all your advice for models? Well, I am happy and satisfied – Thank you a lot. I’ve decided to pursue promotional jobs and events while looking for top talent management companies to apply to. Thank you!” – Ongeziwe


“Some wonderful work … Should you ever need a reference where your modeling lessons are concerned, feel free to use our company. We will give you the highest recommendations possible and tell the new faces that you are willing to work with them also.” – Scott Reppond, Agent for XanModels


“Dear Bob, I just wanted to tell you thanks for the awesome advice given on your mini-series and newsletter about opportunities, fashion agencies – poses for photographers on your website!

I have had the dream of learning how to become a model and getting into the fashion network for a long time, but only recently have I decided to start a career.

I looked all over the web for some good advice on preparation; as this situation is very new to me and I come from a very small town, your website for new beginners had the most useful information!

I’ve had many people tell me I have beautiful features and should use them, now with your help I feel more prepared to do so!! I truly appreciate it. Thank you again!” – Jade


“Hey Bob,

Thank you for all your helpful advice, tips and requirements for girls interested in starting out as new models – its really made me learn many interesting facts for females about the industry for women, gave me the agent’s list, how to put together a portfolio of pictures, and the way things work.

I am getting some fashion portfolio pictures done this weekend by a family friend who is a photographer and we shall see how it turns out.

Thank you and hopefully I can some day be a professional in my field. Thanks Again for all your help.” – Shirlee


I certainly hope these letters from models will inspire you to reach higher for your modeling goals and I look forward to hearing your success story soon! – Bob