what model agencies want

Girls I’ve talked to seen to have one big issue starting out. Well, maybe more than one but this is paramount. The “secret” formula to modeling success is to find out what model agencies want before you make contacts.

Truth is, there is no big mystery to getting with local modeling agents but it does take more effort and thought for the big guys.

This is why I posted this video showing what Ford model scouts say what they look for in new models.

Ford Models was interviewed as one of the best modeling agencies by Seventeen Magazine is Ford.

This well known agency giant came forward to answer that age old question…

What do model agencies look for when they scout new people to work for them?”

what model agencies want

what model agencies want

What Model Agencies Want: Ford Model Agency Tells What They Look for in a New Model

The video gives some valuable insight; especially if you are just starting out in the network.

It can help whether you plan working in hand modeling careers or posing on the runway.

Learn what model agencies want and you’ll go miles ahead of the “average.”

About Ford Models

Get Into ModelingThis firm is no doubt one of the very biggest and most sought after model management companies in the entertainment industry.

The video outlines what Ford, and the other major modeling agencies look for when they search for new models.

One representative put it very plainly ..

When you see a picture of a model, there’s a certain Wow factor..  “It’s not just about perfection.

What Model Agencies Want? Confidence

A model needs to be confident in her presentation and in front of the camera.

This sort of gives you a reason to practice with photographers, doesn’t it?

Seeing Models in Action at Ford Models

what model agencies want

This quick but thorough video about Ford shows some amazing pictures of new male and female models.

I hope you will take something away from this if you are dreaming of becoming a high fashion model in NYC or other major cities in the USA.

You Now Know What Model Agencies Want – Are you ready?

All set to get started yourself? Did you get inspired by the video? Do you have areas to work on before applying to some of these top list modeling agencies?

There are a few books to teach modeling promotion and getting listed for beginners. I’ve written one…

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So, what do model agencies look for in new talent? Watch the Ford video about new faces and find out now.

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