You’re Likely Thinking: Commercial Modeling for Print – What is It? (Video)

In this modeling tip video you’ll discover the definition for commercial print modeling and how to get yourself in the door of this lucrative part of entertainment.

It’s certain that a lot of people only think there are two kinds of models – high fashion and runway, am I right?

In fact the model industry has much more to offer, even if you are not 5’11” like those skinny teen girls listed on your favorite magazine.

Just watch this short tutorial and you could be on your way to a career you can both enjoy, and earn from!

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What exactly is commercial print modeling?

Many girls and young women think of fashion or runway but don’t consider the lower competition field of commercial print. Models who follow this area are attractive but don’t always have to be tall and skinny like the people working in fashion.

Some areas of this type include:

– catalog
– magazine
– store advertisements
– posters & billboards, etc.

– Even TV ads!

If you feel you can fit into this format, get yourself an agent and see if they can place you in commercial print modeling, you might just find yourself looking at your picture on top of a NYC skyscraper – or on your local store counter!

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Best of luck and I hope to see you working in this exciting field soon!

What to Do Now!

Now that you’ve got a handle on what commercial print modeling is you can write down a goal – and a plan of action to turn your dream job into a reality. Now, get to work! – Bob Pardue


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