west virginia modeling agenciesWest Virginia Modeling Agencies – List of Modeling Agencies in WV

Get Jobs with West Virginia Modeling Agencies. The local West Virginia modeling agencies listed below are a good starting point to get bookings for fashion, print, promotional, commercial, catalog and other work in West Virginia. Simply scroll down and find your town , or a West Virginia modeling agency near you…

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500 Leon Sullivan Way

Charleston, WV 25301

Phone: (304) 556-1190



1511 Buckhannon Ave

Morgantown, West Virginia 26505

Phone: (304) 292-8857

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Some models will need to travel to other nearby states and cities to find jobs in the network so don’t give up too soon!

Didn’t find an agent to represent you here? You might consider moving out of state. Try some neighboring areas like these Virginia modeling agencies for starters. Then expand out if needed.

And, make sure you learn all you can about modeling. Study the talent companies in West Virginia who will book jobs for you.

And most importantly, practice your modeling skills each day to improve your chances of getting discovered.

To start your career in modeling no matter if you are a teenager, grown-up or even for your baby, you can check out this list of WV talent agents as a starting point.

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