weight loss tips for women

weight loss tips for women

Female Models Want To Be Irresistible – These Weight Loss Tips For Women Can Help!

No doubt, if you are a female model, you must take care of your body, right? Thankfully, these suggestions will give you powerful weight loss tips for women.

And, I hope they help you stay involved in a healthy lifestyle.

Yes, I know you’re frustrated. Many models are. I know this because, as a female model photographer for many years, I’ve worked with lots of young women with weight issues.

Yes, some became plus models. And, it seems the industry is pushing this modeling type. Frankly, I believe they “over-compensate” for the many years they pushed the “sickly thin” look. But, that’s another story.

With that said, even plus models need to be in shape. With the questions these young women asked, I started to research some weight loss tips for women who want an optimum body.

You may be one of them.

Weight Loss Tips for Women: What’s Your Reason for Wanting to Lose Weight? Is It Because of Your Modeling Career? Just to Stay Healthier?

This is the first question you need to ask. The most common reasons for losing weight are:

  • Health
  • More energy
  • Better self esteem
  • And of course, looking great in that bikini!

No matter what your reason for weight loss wishes, you must decide to take action and make it happen!

One method I’ve researched is called the Law of Attraction. Weight loss tips for women take on many different faces. But, this is one realistic goal you can reach if you use its concepts.

In fact, many women find the Law of Attraction to be the quickest way to lose weight in some cases.

And, the fast weight loss tips work where other plans have failed to produce real results.

What are These Weight Loss Tips for Women?

weight loss tips for women

weight loss tips for women

This system for losing body fat really boils down to a belief.

And, most psychologists will agree that the power of mind over matter can help otherwise weak people overcome obstacles.

Zig ZIglar, one of my favorite motivational speakers has often said to visualize reaching your goals for personal success.

And, Norman Vincent Peale once stated:

If you can believe it, the mind can achieve it.

For instance, if you want a better job, visualize a promotion.

This is basic positive thinking and affirmations. But, these weight loss tips for women go much further.

A goal is just a dream until you put it into action! So, the first step for how to lose weight is to “future think” yourself already there.

And yes, you can achieve your weight loss goals by using the Law of Attraction methods. Take a look at these 3 power steps and change “I need to lose weight” to “I am losing the weight I want.

Power Step #1: Visualize Your Weight Loss Goal

Yes, as a female model, you have a vivid imagination, I’m sure. But, there is a difference between imagination and visualization.

Visualization means you look at your weight loss goals and how these goals affect your life. First, ask yourself these simple questions:

  • How will you feel when you lose weight?
  • How will you feel physically without those extra pounds?
  • Will you become an extrovert instead of the introvert you feel you are now?
  • How will losing extra pounds help you live a better life?
  • Once the weight is off, where will you go and what will you do differently?
  • What will your life look like when you become slimmer & healthier?

Take time to think about these questions. As you spend more time visualizing your goals, losing weight all of a sudden seems possible.

Power Step #2: The When, Where & How Often of Women’s Weight Loss

Okay, this is just too simple! Am I saying you just think about it and you shed body fat at the blink of an eye?

Of course not! I wouldn’t think of writing something so petty.

Getting started in a model fitness routine is a serious undertaking, And, I want you to succeed at losing that weight.

Yes, visualization is the first step you take to lose weight.

But, what other steps do you need to take in order to accomplish your weight loss goals? Here’s a quick 3-step plan to write down. This should get you started:

  1. Make realistic goals about when, where, and how often you will exercise.
  2. Plan which foods you will eat. And, decide how you will get adequate hydration and sleep.
  3. If you have a great deal of personal stress, plan ways to reduce it.

A great consultant I once said: Plans are nothing – Planning is everything.

So, writing down specifics means the difference between planning and dreaming.

The Right Weight Loss Programs Work Best with the Right Supplies

I know in photography, I’m only as good as my equipment. You should look at your weight loss program the same way.

To start moving forward with losing weight, take steps to purchase the supplies you’ll need. These supplies are not limited to, but include…

  • Comfortable exercise clothing & shoes
  • Fresh healthy foods to build muscle or for your diet plan
  • If you don’t own home exercise equipment, you might consider a local gym membership.

And remember, if you need comfortable clothing to work out in, get an outfit you really like. And next, consider where to buy fresh produce and lean meat products.

Don’t over-spend. Set up a budget within your means, and do your best to stick to it.

No, you don’t have to sacrifice everything you own for good health.

Reward Yourself!

Finally, find ways to reward yourself for each weight loss milestone you pass. And, your weight loss victories are not always measured in pounds and inches off your waist.

Now, that way of measuring is okay – if it works.

But, try to measure your success in terms of:

  • physical health
  • more energy
  • better mental capacity
  • joints that don’t ache
  • or even lower blood pressure.

For each part of your goal reached, give yourself a gift. This could be a new outfit or maybe just a night at the movies.

Power Step #3: Time to Visualize the Thin Person Residing Within You

This is a cool method to use if you really want to lose some weight. Think thin!

You heard right. At each meal, take time to ask yourself these 4 questions;

  1. What would a thin person eat?
  2. Do they go back to the buffet again and again?
  3. And, what do they drink with their meals – water, unsweetened tea, or soda?
  4. What do thin people do after meals? I’ll bet they’re active & burning calories instead of plopping down in front of the TV.

Answer these questions whenever you sit down to eat. I’ll bet they can change your eating habits.

Again, Zig talks about habits often. One quote I really like is;

We build our character from the bricks of habit we pile up day by day.

So, instead of trying to break those bad habits, create new ones.

When you dine, take time to thoroughly enjoy a single portion.

Cut down the bread. And, sip water throughout your dinner to fill you up quicker instead of drinking soda.

When you use the visualization methods, weight loss for women becomes easier than you ever dreamed.

Be serious about this. And, visualize a thinner you. Once you begin to live like a thin person, your weight problem will diminish over time.

Now, close your eyes. Don’t you see the new you in your mind’s eye? Don’t give up. I have confidence that you can do this! Now, take charge of your health and your life! – Bob

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Thanks again for reading my post and weight loss tips for women. I hope it helps you become the slimmer model you crave to be!

weight loss tips for women