Brookgreen GardensDo you have a passion for flora, fauna & ghosts? Or, does your heart thrive for American sculptures? If so, do yourself a favor and visit Brookgreen Gardens Myrtle Beach, SC.

Yes, you’ll find plenty of things to see and do in South Carolina – especially Charleston & Myrtle Beach.

And, the entire SC coast gives you side trip opportunities.

It’s no wonder millions travel here each year.

And, locals like Jean & me continue to trek to “the beach” every chance we get!

I understand the need to relax on the sand & read a book. South Carolina sometimes brings out the laziness in a person. 🙂

But, you need to get up and move at some point, am I right?

So, make sure to take your family on an enchanting visit to Brookgreen Gardens before you leave the area. It simply must make it to the top of your vacation list this year!

When You Visit Brookgreen Gardens Myrtle Beach You Embrace the Chance of a Lifetime!

First, Brookgreen Gardens Myrtle Beach is over 9,000 acres of…

  • themed gardens
  • amazing sculptures
  • trails
  • and even a low country zoo.

Where else could you experience so much of South Carolina’s history and amazing art?

Eco & the Castle at Brookgreen

Something unique and different, even for Myrtle Beach, are the many ecosystems seen at Brookgreen Gardens.

Oh, did I mention you get a chance to explore a castle and take a boat ride?

Watch the stress melt away when you take a ride on the large pontoon boat through the various wildlife and historic fields.

If you are a senior like me, the rest & relaxation will recharge your batteries. But, even if you are a young adult, the ride will amaze your senses.

What will you see, you ask? Stay calm, I’m getting to the good stuff.

On the Brookgreen Gardens boat ride, you’ll discover…

  1. fowl and osprey
  2. alligators.

Locals and visitors will let you know in a New York minute if you compare Ripley’s Museum to Brookgreen Gardens.

And, I must agree – there is no match.

Sure, Ripley’s is cool, and so is the Ripley’s Aquarium. I’ve been to both & enjoyed the unique exhibits & sharks.

But, Brookgreen Gardens contains a far better variety.

Back to School – What’s the Early history of Brookgreen Gardens?

I love history. This might not be your cup of tea. But, you’ll have to admit the history of Brookgreen is interesting.

So, I’ll share what I found on Wiki:

“Originally, what is now Brookgreen Gardens SC was four rice plantations. The plantations from south to north were…

  • The Oaks
  • Brookgreen
  • Springfield
  • and Laurel Hill.

The current gardens and surrounding facilities lie completely on the former Brookgreen Plantation.

This plantation was owned by Joshua John Ward, the largest American slaveholder.”

Want to Hear the Rest of the Story About Brookgreen Gardens?

First, Brookgreen Gardens SC opened in 1932. Its history about the rice plantations tells a story of the largest slaveholder in history.

Yes, certain areas still exist from the former plantation. And, one thing you’ll still find there is the cemetery.

Famous people are buried in this cemetery.

So, when you visit Brookgreen Gardens, check out the tombstones.

One story lies at the grave of former Vice President Aaron Burr’s daughter.

She was lost at sea here. And so, the story goes that she haunts the Grand Strand. Her ghost searches without end for Aaron Burr, her father.

Put Brookgreen Gardens Myrtle Beach on Your Travel Itinerary..

South Carolina beachAs a South Carolina native, I want to invite you and your family to one of the Myrtle Beach Grandstrand’s most famous attractions.

Yes, it needs to be on your “to do” list, right along with Myrtle Beach State Park, the Skywheel, & the Alabama Theater.

In my humble opinion, there’s just no place like a South Carolina beach to ease your mind and put joy in your heart.

Our state is fully of “smiling faces & beautiful places.”

So, pack your bags and prepare yourself and your family for the trip of a lifetime!

Keep Brookgreen Gardens & Myrtle Beach on Your Mind

Oh, before you leave please check out my fine art photos of Myrtle Beach and other USA travel locations.

==> You can see my Myrtle Beach photo gallery here..

Thanks for visiting Brookgreen Gardens Myrtle Beach with me. See you at the beach and be sure to come back soon! – Bob

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