Getting Started in a Modeling Career – 4 Types of Models

Types of Models

Model photo by Bob Pardue

People are of the opinion modeling opportunities are difficult to come by, but if you pursue your career in the right manner, you will be rewarded with assignments of your liking. Today, we’ll look at 4 types of models and you can see where you fit in the best.

It is possible to make a comfortable living out of becoming a model by focusing attention on one or several lucrative niches including runway, commercial print, fashion, promotional, and catalog work.

  1. Runway Modeling

Perhaps the most sought after role in modeling, you will find tall, shapely, and professional models wear designer clothes and walk across a ramp aptly demonstrating capabilities of a designer.

The assignment offers maximum exposure and literally ensures participating models bag future projects based on success of each undertaken project.

Watching experienced models walk the runway is a good way of understanding how to present yourself to designers and a knowledgeable audience. However, you must understand and implement techniques that make a great runway model.

How to Walk Runways

For example, learn to keep your chin slightly down with eyes looking straight ahead. Runway models are not distracted by eye contact but rather focus on a distant point at the end of the ramp.

Modeling in the runway type includes designer fashion shows for the top modeling agencies, small business or departmental store modeling assignments, and charity fashion shows.

2. Print Modeling

Fashion-wear manufacturers and designers always need catalog models to promote their products.

Usually, they bring in new designs for every season and update their catalogs accordingly. For instance, newly designed summer wear requires promotional activity by types of models who work in conjunction with designers and photographers to produce catalogs.

You can also see these types of models in newspaper and magazine ads. So, if you decide you want to learn to become a print model there is some available opportunity in that area as well.

3. Promotional Modeling

Satellite cities and towns usually organize trade shows and events to promote products and create awareness. The Internet has made it easier for people to promote their products, but local events do matter in creating more awareness and establishing a closer bond.

For instance, promotional models are of also able to handle a stall or booth explaining about products and handing out leaflets with promotional content.

They collect e-mails and other business data, register business clients for further communication, and are trained to handle queries about a product or service.

Often, the same model in a magazine can bag additional promotional modeling opportunities promoting products at a local outlet. They can be easily identified at trade shows.

4. Lifestyle Modeling

Ad agencies require models for lifestyle banners and hoarding strategically located all around the city or town promoting new products and services. It is the fastest way of making interested buyers aware of new brands or releases.

Website content, billboards, and brochures are updated regularly and require these specific types of models. It is an organized field where freelance models as well as those unwilling to travel find regular work.

Many local modeling agencies have several models on their rolls who are then recommended based on client views.

Promo & Trade Shows Give New Models a Break

It is quite apparent there is consistent work to be exploited in a number of areas. A new model can begin by promoting products at a local store, gain invaluable experience, and then move on to more lucrative modeling opportunities.

Trends and tastes of people keep on changing. New designers keep bringing out innovative fashion wear, and models have enough scope to learn and earn in a productive and highly creative field.

You Know the 4 Model Types – Take Action!

I hope you enjoyed learning these 4 modeling types and will keep moving toward your dream. Now that you know where you fit in as a model, you can start applying to modeling agencies. Learn where to find them here ..

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