types of female modelingMany young women don’t realize there are many different types of female modeling besides just runway. This is all about finding your place in the industry.

Almost every young person’s dream is to become a model and live the glamorous life, isn’t it?

It is not only a dream job which pays really well, either when you are a top model like Arizona Muse and Heidi Klum or when you are posing for top designers or brands like Gucci.

A Look Into the Types of Female Modeling – Are You Up To The Challenge?

Also, when you become a female model you get to travel all around the world cat-walking in major fashion shows in New York City, Milan and maybe even Africa.

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Real Modeling Tips for Women – Want to Become a Female Model? This Career is Tough – But Fun Do You Have What It Takes?

It is important for every young hopeful to know that there are different types of women models, as discussed below. Read to find requirements for each ..

Fashion modeling covers not only editorials but also covers for fashion magazines like Vogue.

Runway modeling on the other hand, also commonly known as catwalk – advertisement of clothes for fashionable and trendy designers when working shows like the Madrid Fashion Week.

Commercial models cover advertisement campaigns for top brands like Cover Girl beauty and skin care pictureCosmetics and campaigns for different manufactures.

Glamour – Ranges from being a calendar model, think Miss March or whatever month, of Play Boy Magazines to Sports Illustrated. This is not for everyone so think carefully before entering this profession, but there are many enthusiast that even through body procedures with great cosmetic surgeons to enter this profession.

Female Fitness Models – Women who work these gigs have emasculate bodies; consider the ones you see in the bodybuilding competitions or advertising health products, the “before” picture in weight loss commercials, etc. Be prepared to work on yourself here.

What Do You Need for Fashion?

Different modeling requirements for women have their own special qualifications from a size zero dress size to a plus sized girl.

But the following are the most basic qualification needed in the model network.

You must be:

  • Between 13 and 24 years of age.
  • At least 5′ 6″ tall if you are a girl 17 years old and below.
  • At least 5′ 8″ tall for women 18 year old and above.

Now, don’t take these numbers to heart. There are plenty of careers for women models who are different from these sizes.

The industry supports many types so look closely to see where you fit in – and then make your move!

How Women Get Started

Your stunning looks will not get you into the network or make you a top talent overnight with the huge pay check.

So get a reputable modeling agency like Elite, Next, Ford, or any good local ones in your nearest city, show them your portfolio, get listed and start working your way to a modeling career.

More Tips for New Beginners

  • Your body must be well looked after, healthy, well toned and fit.
  • You should have flawless skin and healthy hair.
  • A good attitude will always take you places

Now that you’re armed with this advice and information to get you started – get motivated!

Write down a plan of action and look at where you are each week. Are you working today to get into modeling for women and do you really believe you can achieve your dream?

My final formula for models:

dream + plan + action = Success!

Good luck and get going today in one of the types of female modeling explored above. Oh, and you can get more modeling tips like these here at no charge, plus a free mystery gift. – Bob Pardue

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