Travel Vlog: Colorado/Utah 2020 – Photos Taken w/ Voiceover

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9 thoughts on “Travel Vlog: Colorado/Utah 2020 – Photos Taken w/ Voiceover

  1. How was that ride back from Columbus? Did you say that was your longest single day ride on the GS?

  2. It was VERY close to my longest day. Longest was Home to Louisville last June for the MOA Rally in TN. That was 4AM – 9PM, 945 miles. That was rough. This was a bit harder because in the AM, it was 50-55F so I was just a wee bit miserable and on the knobby tires so it wasn’t a smooth ride.I was just so happy to be home!

  3. This is another great video/pictures/editing that you probably spent lots of time putting together! Result is awesome! I appreciate the fact that you did voice overs on the entire “montage”! See you on you next adventure. Cheers

  4. Looking forward to riding with you! Thanks for the comments. Am also glad this series is over. It was a lot of work to assemble everything and keep all of the timelines straight. Fun fact, every camera had a different time stamp. I didn’t synchronize the 3 GoPros, 3 iPhones, Sena, Canon or Mavic Air so I had to import all of the media then figure out the order of everything which took about 2 days then start editing. Sigh.

  5. I’m also glad you rode the GS so we can enjoy all the great photos and videos you made from the trip. I only had to help pick it up once so in reality your becoming a very good rider!

  6. Thanks Harry! I had such a great time with you guys. Looking forward to our next trip.

  7. Enjoyed this series, stunning scenery and fun riding. Thanks mate👍🇦🇺

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