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Travel to Hunting Island South Carolina

Hunting Island SCDo you enjoy the jungle and the beach? Then, your travel to Hunting Island, South Carolina becomes a must!

You’ve most likely watched the “Gilligan’s Island” TV show at some point.

Yes, it includes episodes where seven wacky castaways try to make the best of their situations.

Why am I mentioning this? Well, when I first visited Hunting Island, it reminded me of Gilligan’s Isle.

The swaying palmetto trees and the curvature of the beach brought back nostalgic memories of that simple time in my life.

And, as a travel fine art photographer & writer, I kept my camera busy. I’ve got to return soon – and so will you. People fall in love with South Carolina – and many even decide to spend their retirement years here.

So, if you want a fantastic SC travel destination and a unique experience, this Low Country vacation destination fits.

It’s no surprise that Hunting Island is known as the most popular state park in SC. And, it brings in well over one million visitors each year to keep its title.

Planning Your Visit to Hunting Island

Prepare to relax! Plan your vacation to the Low Country to include Hunting Island. Travel in the early Spring, Winter or fall & you’ll discover why South Carolina travel makes sense!

If your trip is more than a few days, you can either make this a day trip or camp out (if that’s your passion) for the entire stay.

Yes, Hunting Island offers plenty of things to see and do, no matter your age.

Some features include…

  • 5 miles of stunning, excellent beaches (good for running or fishing)
  • a saltwater shallows
  • maritime forest – almost a jungle
  • the coolest lighthouse
  • camping facilities by the seashore
  • an ocean inlet and numerous acres of marshes to check out.

Yes, these features make Hunting Island a real South Carolina icon to see.

Ooh & Awe at the Hunting Island Lighthouse

While visiting, make certain to visit the Hunting Island Lighthouse. It’s the only lighthouse in the entire state easily accessible by the public.

While at the top of this remarkable light house, all guests have the ability to see a spectacular and panoramic view of the maritime forest. Also, take in the amazing Atlantic Coastline.

The Hunting Island lighthouse stands about 130 feet tall. So, get your video camera prepared for a stunning view of the Atlantic coast.

Campsites at Hunting Island SC

If camping is one of your passions, Hunting Island delivers. The park once offered about 100 campsites. But, at the time of this writing, some unfortunate events occurred.

But, it’s not all bad news. On TripAdvisor, this SC traveler wrote:

“Hurricane Matthew came through here last year and took out about 80 camp sites- mostly on the beach.

The campground has reopened with about half the number of camp sites, but with..

  • new bathrooms
  • grills
  • and picnic tables.

Our family has camped here for years. And, while it was sad to see the damage, the staff did a great job of fixing things up.

It is a beautiful location- lots of wildlife.”

At the camping area, you’ll find complete electrical and water hookups.

Happy campers delight in walking the pathways to the beach, play ground areas for the kids and more.

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So, Are You Ready for Travel to Hunting Island? Pack Your Bags & Come On Down!

No matter if you plan to travel to Hunting Island in the summertime or a different season, you’ll find this state park offers you an exceptional experience.

No doubt, your family will beg to return to the low country island next vacation.

When you arrive, you’ll fall in love with South Carolina state parks. And, Hunting Island definitely remains at the top of the list!

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I hope you enjoy your journey to the Low Country!




Hunting Island State Park Video Tour…

Just to get you going, I found this cool video about this magnificent low country travel location…

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