Top New York Modeling Agencies

Exposed: 4 Of The Top New York Modeling Agencies

There is plenty of controversy on the fashion industry scene and designers come and go.

But, when it comes to the top New York modeling agencies, there is little room for dispute about who is the biggest and the best.

Can you guess who they are?

Top New York Modeling Agencies

Top New York Modeling Agencies

Who Are the Very Best Modeling Agents in NYC?

If you are really serious about your goal of becoming a model then you’ll want to read this little set of tips.

Keep reading and I believe you’ll agree.

These New York management companies for models sent girls and guys around the world.

They wear the finest and most expensive fashions for some of the most prestigious clients known on the earth.

If you have a dream to get discovered and to make it big, then your goal should be to get on the list with these well known modeling agencies.

These companies are very well connected, and can open doors in the world of the paid advertising industry.

In other words, if you are looking for a real advantage in your career as a model, then all you have to do is look below.

First – Ford Models

One of the largest in the world, Ford Models boasts subsidiaries throughout the USA as well as Europe.

If you are looking for cutting edge photographers that will blow your mind – then you will without a doubt want to become a Ford model.

You only have to put in your application on the website. After that, wait for a response.

Remember that Ford is one of the biggest, so competition will be stiff just as it will with the other three below.

Second – Elite Model Management

Top New York Modeling Agencies

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Another giant step in the modeling network, Elite presents high-profile models that get the big fat contracts.

Having four branch offices in the United States and models that seem to always come out on top, to become an Elite model requires a certain look and dedication to hard work.

To apply, you can send your information, along with some photos of yourself.

They know exactly what they want.

Elite is looking mostly for girls between 14 and 22 years, who are at least 5’9″ or taller.

Third – Click

Find new faces in fashion and print work at this agency. Coming in at number three, Click is an excellent choice if a girl wants to expand her modeling career in a hurry.

The company offers a section where you can send your images and biography / statistics for consideration.

If they like what they see, they will set up a meeting with you – so be patient after submission.

Fourth – Wilhelmina

The final agency on the list is Wilhelmina Models. This is another constant leader in the model network.

This agent receives thousands of model applications every day so you must have something really special to be considered for work.

There are instructions on the site. So, submit an application, carefully following these instructions to be considered.

Don’t Give Up Too Soon!

In review, the top list New York modeling agencies are among the biggest, and most well-known in the world, so getting their attention is really tough.

If you find yourself worthy  to be connected with one of these management entities, your career will grow much faster than it would with a local agency.

Remember to follow the guidelines given on the websites. Contact the right person for better results. If you are turned down at first, keep trying – but don’t annoy them.

In the world of high fashion, trends and faces are constantly changing. And, you never can tell when your look will come up as the one they are searching for!

Good luck and see you on the cover, right? – Bob


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