How Do You Get Listed with Top Modeling Agencies? How Do They Compare to Local?

Now that you’ve learned the first steps in how to be a model you need to consider getting representation. There are plenty of national and local modeling companies in the USA and abroad who handle new and experienced models. Let’s look at some tips about top modeling agencies vs local agents and see where you belong in the industry.

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Who are the top model management agents?

Your choices are whether to go for the top modeling agencies vs local agents & organizations to book you.

Before you get listed with top modeling agencies and go to work, you need to find out who and where to contact, right?

There are many top ones and, since I have listings in the directory for model agencies I won’t give all in this review.

With that said, a few of the most sought out model agents are reps in cities like New York or other smaller places like Houston who work for Elite, Wilhelmina, Ford, IMG and Next among others.

But, if you are the average teenage female or male from a small town, can you get listed with these mega agents and find high fashion model work?

What top talent agents require

If you are thinking; “there are tons of young men and women applying to these major model management companies so I have to work extra hard.”, you are totally right!

It’s very difficult to start a career as a male or female model with one of these giants but, once you do, watch out! Opportunity is rampant!

One of the best ways to apply for an interview is to go online to the website of any of the management companies listed or others on my site and look at what’s required to become a model with them.

Most of these handle runway and high fashion along with commercial modeling. The general requirements is that they are searching for a model who …

  1. Has a certain look (marketable)
  2. Has straight and white teeth by those offering 24hr service
  3. Has healthy hair
  4. Is tall – Many require 5’8″ through 5’11” with just a few exceptions
  5. Teenagers 13 through 19 years old (generally)
  6. Thin body frame
  7. Outgoing attitude and easy to work with

The list goes further but you get the picture. Look at yourself closely and see if you are a candidate for getting accepted by the top agencies and, if there are things you can work on like hair, weight, etc., do so in a healthy manner.

Bare Facts about Modeling Agencies

Now, just because you possess all these requirements, this does not mean you will get discovered – especially not by walking daily in the mall.

You have to make contacts, practice your model skills, make contacts, repeat the process often.

It takes work for this career just as any other. If you don’t make the cut at the biggest modeling agencies, don’t give up yet.

Top modeling agencies vs localThere are local companies for models you can check with too and, plenty of other types of modeling besides fashion / runway so you may need to change your goals a bit to become a model , but not your dream.

What are you going to do today toward making it happen?

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