Where Are the Top Modeling Agencies in the US?

No matter if you are just beginning in the entertainment industry or have already been introduced into the world of the next top model, you more than likely know that in order to be “supermodel” successful you will need to be signed on with one of the many top model agencies in the US, or you might travel abroad.

Top Modeling Agencies in the US

Top Modeling Agencies in the US

Getting Started with a Top Model Agency

Getting signed on by top model agencies is not an easy task and will require lots of work on your part.

And, even then the chances for stardom are slim because of the sheer amount of competition at these higher levels.

Now if you are unsure of the names of all of the top model agencies worldwide you can simply do a quick Internet search for “top model agencies”.

This search will either lead you to their website or give you their contact details such as a phone number or address.

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The Easy Way

I have taken time to list many of the top NYC modeling agencies here … . There are others and you’ll need to generally go to a larger city to find them.

Top Modeling Agencies in the US?

The main cities for these agents are: New York City, Milan, Los Angeles, Miami and Chicago.

Some top model agencies are now opening US branch offices in other markets such as Atlanta, New Orleans, San Francisco, Seattle, etc.

You should be able to get in touch with most of them.

The easiest way to find what they are looking for, find out about open calls and interviews, is to visit the website of each agency.

How Do I Get an Interview with the Top Modeling Agencies?

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Some top model agencies will accept appointments by phone and some may only accept appointments through their website.

Before making an appointment you should just do a small amount of research.

This includes finding out which models the agency represents or which companies that the agency has worked for.

This is great information as it will give you an idea of the agencies reputation.

If you get an interview make sure that you are prepared with your picture portfolio on hand. Don’t have one?

Well, many of these modeling agencies at the top will accept just a head shot and a full body photo with no makeup and good lighting.

So, it shouldn’t cost you much to get some good, professional pictures to take with you.

Everybody Gets Turned Down by the “Big” Agents

If you happen to get rejected (Tyra Banks did) by a certain agency just simply move on to the next company as these top modeling agencies are always looking for something different.

If you have the look, you might just get a job. There are top modeling agencies for commercial and for petite.

There are also agencies for plus size models, although these are fewer in number.

Make all the contacts you can. Keep at it and don’t give up until you are absolutely sure you have exhausted every opportunity.

That’s what it takes to become a top model and work in a field you love.

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Top Modeling Agencies in the US


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