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Top Model Books – Review of the Top 5 Books for Models on Amazon

Hi, I know you are ready to learn how to get into modeling, aren’t you?

Well, as a photographer I can’t think of a better way than to study some of the top model books and learn from the best in the industry.

So, I’ve put together a review of the best modeling books on Amazon to help you get the best information.

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Top Model Books

Top Model Books

Number 1 – How to Be a Model – The Ultimate Guide to Become a Model

This ultimate guide to a career in modeling boasts a fun but informative tips for how to get into modeling for fashion and other types.

“Drive The Agents and Scouts Wild is a fun, quick step-by-step read on how to build your confidence, wipe out all negative energy, and take care of yourself so you can go from dreaming about being a model to owning the catwalk and seeing your own face on magazine covers.” (Amazon.Com description) Rating:

Number 2 – The Model’s Bible & Global Modeling Agency Contact List

by R.C. Lane: This top model book explains strategies for making a plan to start off your career.

It teaches how to:

  • get to a worldwide agency list for contacting.
  • use techniques of fashion models to build confidence
  • find out where you belong in the modeling network
  • look into the back stage of Fashion Week
  • and more..


Number 3 – How to Become a Model: The Ultimate Guide to a Successful Modeling Career

by Liza Jo Laney: This author is very blunt when she mentions how picky the modeling industry is.

However, she creates a glimpse of hope by showing how to overcome some of the obstacles involved in being a model. Liza’s model book covers:

  • Choosing Your Style of Modeling
  • Portfolio Tips
  • Selecting the Right Agency
  • How to Stay on Top
  • and more ..


Number 4 – How To Be A Model: From a Model

by Susan Miner: This book is written by a model so gives more of the “other side” to starting a modeling career.

The author writes:

“Step by step instructions are given that will help you break into the modeling industry and build your self-confidence as well.

So no matter what profession you end up thriving in you can look your best and be your best.”

Number 5 – How to Become a Model: Getting Started From Dream To Modeling Success!

by Bob Pardue: Yes, that’s me! My book made the list (blush) so I had to put it in my top 5.

You’ve got questions about starting out as a model. This book gives honest answers.

Answers like:

  • What type modeling should I try?
  • What about commercial and other types of modeling besides runway?
  • How do I get started as a teen model?
  • How can I “Wow” them during a model agency interview?
  • How do I keep from getting scammed by agents?

It covers modeling types, tips for getting listed with modeling agencies, how to get ready for interviews, finding a photographer and other tips.

Now you have the 5 top model books listed in Amazon’s book store.

I hope you’ll be able to use this review to choose material you need to start your modeling career the right way. Enjoy! – Bob Pardue


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