top female models

Top Female Models – Who are on Top in Female Modeling?

This question is like politics. It’s according to who you ask. So, I’ve put together a few places who have their own opinion about who the top female models are and why.

I encourage you to name your favorite in the comments below this post. Enjoy!  d:-)

Top Female Models

Top Female Models

Best Female Models of All Time?

This first selection is from Paper Mag and it digs way, way back into the archives for the best  top female models – forever! Michael Musto  writes;

“Models are striking creatures who make high fashion even higher with their effortlessly chic looks and composure.

To summarize the 15 best [female models] of all time, in order, I called my friend and stylist Christian Freedom, who has an unerring sense of what looks good.

I’ve included his comments alongside mine, when I offered some.”

Musto goes on to say about the big tie for number 15 on the modeling list;

“Let me pile all the gorgeous runners-up into this fabulous slot: Penelope Tree, Jean Shrimpton, Alek Wek, Kristen McMenamy, Bridget Hall, Gisele Bundchen, Shalom Harlow, Jerry Hall, Renee Russo, Amber Valetta, Rosie Vela. Love you all!

And two personal favorites of mine can be in the [modeling] Hall of Fame:

SUZY PARKER (1932-2003)  The curvy, red-headed model/actress was one of the best mannequins ever and made it into glossy Hollywood films like The Best of Everything. She played a typist who is dumped by Louis Jordan, falls from a fire escape, and croaks. But beautifully.

TYRA BANKS (1973-) Before she was a one-woman industry with so much going on, Tyra was a sassy, fab model who posed a real threat to Naomi Campbell. The woman truly knew how to walk that walk.” read more ..

Moving On to Current Top Female Models

As I was researching this, I came across some interesting variations besides the obvious like this one from which gives the top African American female models in the world. Here is the results for number one on their site;

“.. these models are the top African models who are tweeting, instagramming and blazing trails globally; earning their place in the history of fashion. Here’s a look, courtesy of Oma, at the 10 hottest African models in high demand across the world.

1. Herieth Paul:- Born in Tanzania, Herieth currently enjoys a spot on’s hot list and has worked in some of the biggest campaigns in the world including Stella McCartney, Tom Ford, Calvin Klein and One Colour Cosmetics. Herieth has also appeared in beauty campaigns for CKone and most recently, as one of the models for fashion wear brand GAP.” read more ..
America’s Next Top Model?
Yes, I had to at least include this even though it is sometimes highly subjective. Here is the season one winner of ANTM as told on About Entertainment;
“Adrianne Curry has strutted down countless red carpets since winning Top Model and starring on her own reality show, My Fair Brady.” read more ..
Do You Agree?
I believe there are mega lists of top female fashion models who are not mentioned here, but should be!
These are just a few in entertainment who got the break. I want to hear about your favorite models and why you believe they are the best of the best. Comment below!
Want to Get Started in Modeling?
Maybe you could be on this list of top 10 female models one day? Hope you enjoyed these winners! – Bob Pardue


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