Want to Be a Model? Top 10 Myths about Modeling

Just for fun, I thought I’d try to come up with a list of the top 10 modeling  myths many young people believe today.

I know you’re not one of them but if you are interested in becoming a model then you might want to glance and share.

By the way, can you think of other myths of models to add here? I’d love to see your answers too!

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Countdown of the Top Ten Model Myths:

I’m starting with myth number ten and working down to number one. Don’t stop until you read them all!

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The 10 Myths >>

10. I look just like Tyra Banks so can I become the next superstar fashion model? An easy answer..

Since Tyra has already become a fashion model why do they need another one? Be yourself. Develop your own look and style. The agents love originality.

9. If I already Know How to Model Pose Do I Still Need to Practice?

Even the top professional models still practice in order to get better and better at posing so, do you believe that someone without experience should go in cold to a job interview?

8. Can I Be a Model if I’m a Beautiful Girl?

Yes, you are very beautiful but the way to get noticed is to contact modeling agencies ! Let them be the judge of whether or not you have a look they can use. And, don’t quit after one or two or three rejections. Some of the best were turned down more than once.

7. Can I Send My Modeling Pictures to Agents through Email and Get Discovered?

Spamming model agencies will not get you work. In fact, many might even put you on their black list (if there is such a thing).

Be sure to go online and view the guidelines for each agency or call to see how they want to be contacted or the submission requirements. They’ll appreciate it!

6. Can I become just a body part model?

Yes and no.. There are body part models out there but many times the agency will just use models already under contract to do this work.

It might be best to try to get listed as a fashion, commercial, catalog, etc. model first. Then you can ask also about body parts.

5. Are all modeling agencies scams?

Not by a long shot. There are plenty of legit agents and model managers to help you become a model but you do have to dig and search for them. With that said, always check the company’s track record and talk to some of their models if possible.

4. Am I tall enough to model?

If you are going to try out for modeling on the catwalk, you’ll most likely need to be tall. There are more options. If you are not tall and slim, check out commercial or catalog modeling where height is not quite as important – if you have a look they need.

3. Am I pretty enough to model?

Again, try commercial modeling where beauty does not always get the job.

2. Am I pretty enough to get on “America’s Next Top Model”?

Nice dream; but is it realistic? Look at them and look in the mirror. If you do have the “look”, go for it!

1. Can I get discovered as a model by walking through the big malls?

Yea, right! You might be in for a long, long wait. It’s best to grab a directory of modeling agencies online, find out submissions requirements, and start beating the sidewalk. Go to open calls and interviews.

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat.

Good things sometimes come to those who keep trying. 🙂

I know many of these questions seem too simple and the answers are mostly common sense but many people do believe them.

Take a tip from me and don’t buy into these modeling myths and questions with obvious answers. Take the time to learn your craft.

And by that I don’t mean simply “walking the runway” in your hallway in front of the mirror.

Yes, practice is important. Yes, you looks, your hair, your skin care and the way you conduct yourself in front of the model management representatives are all a part of professionalism in the network but keep in mind that one of these things along won’t turn you into a model overnight.

Study all you can. Practice all you can. Develop the right modeling attitude so that people who really matter in the business will take you seriously and you might just find yourself in an exciting and rewarding career!

Well, that’s it for this time ladies and gentlemen! Hope you enjoyed reading! And, since I see you made it to the end of the list, scroll on down and add your modeling myth in the comments box.

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Bob Pardue

Girl writing modeling mytheP.S. Be sure and add your favorite modeling myths to the list in the comments below. I’m sure beginners, and some professionals will appreciate what you know. 🙂




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