Quick Tips For Teenage Models

6 Quick Tips to Become a Teenage Model

Do you want to prance out on the runway in NYC or have top list agents like Elite or Ford represent you?

Of course these actions come naturally when you learn how to become a teenage model but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Quick Tips For Teenage Models

Quick Tips For Teenage Models

Model Advice for Male and Female Teenagers

These are tall goals but many teen girls and boys aspire to do just that! I know you have stars in your eyes and you’ve been watching America’s Next Top Model but there is much to learn about teenagers in modeling before you begin a career.

Study these classes and teenage modeling tips and get a head start on the other girls and guys in the entertainment, promotional or fashion industry.

Teen modeling is getting more and more in demand today than ever before and believe it or not, many parents want their teens who want to learn how to become models.

There are many promotions that require the youthful look and energy that a teenage model possesses, especially promotional advertisements for food products and clothing.

Have you ever noticed how many magazines there are on the shelves that cater to teen lifestyle? How about catalogs and promotions?

If you are a male or female teenager eagerly longing to become a model with your parent’s support, you may find that applying for a modeling job is simpler than you thought.

But first, there is much you need to know about becoming that girl or guy on the cover of Seventeen Magazine.

Six Tidbits Of Advice For Aspiring Teen Models

1. Get A Professional Picture Portfolio

A good modeling portfolio with professional pictures of your work is a must for all teen models and is your key to becoming successful in the modeling world.

This is your promo to the agents so do it right.

Start Learning Poses

Tips for model photo shoots

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Before shooting your model portfolio, practice every day until you can get creative by giving the photographer different looks and poses needed for a successful session.

There are some model schools for posing and the runway but classes, even for new female models are not always necessary if you have a good mirror, or a friend to snap some test pictures.

But, one key is to keep adding new photographs to your portfolio as you mature with age.

Then, you can either post your photos online or have composite cards printed to leave with model agents.

These cards are very inexpensive and present you as a professional when you give them out.

They normally are about 6×9″ with a headshot on the front and 3 or 4 various photos on the back along with your stats and contact information.

Stats: Normally your statistics for a modeling comp card displays as …

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Age or Birthdate
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Bust Size (Bra)
  • Waist Size
  • Hip Size
  • Dress Size
  • Shoe Size

This is typical although comps may vary and you’ll have to decide how much information to put on your card.

2. Strive To Stay Healthy

A very important factor in becoming a successful model is to take very good care of your body and face by eating healthy and exercising regularly.

Teen modeling requires a lot of mental and physical activity so it would be a good idea to take daily doses of multi vitamins along with a proper diet.

Of course, don’t do this without first checking with your Mom or family physician.

3. Act Like A Professional

Modeling schools online boast of teaching you how to become a model but the road is quite simple although not always easy.

Remember, to always look and work in a professional manner so others will know that you respect them and especially yourself.

And, make sure to be on time for a photo shoot or agency interview. Never cancel unless you have a very good reason.

If you have to cancel give sufficient notice to your photographer or client.

4. Be Aware Of Modeling Agency Scams

Yes, believe it or not there are almost as many scam artists in the modeling world as there are agencies, so be very cautious when choosing your teen modeling photographer or talent agency.

Get your parents to find out all the information they can before you make an appointment with them or go to any open calls or assignments.

5. Listen To Your Parents

Since you are still a minor, you will need the proper supervision to make the right choices in a modeling career.

You cannot be successful model without your parents support so talk to them first.

Always take your parents advice on choosing photographers and setting up photography shoots.

NEVER go alone to meet a photographer or modeling agency representative. The world is a dangerous place; especially for young models so be careful.

6. Become a Teen Model but Continue Your Education in Other Fields

Just because you say “I want to be a teen model” does not guarantee you’ll make it in the industry.

Stay in school and further your education in another field you like just in case things don’t work out the way you planned.

There is nothing wrong with being a smart model.

Parents, do not let your teenager get so involved with modeling they forget about their everyday responsibilities.


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