Learning to become a model doesn’t happen overnight. Even with all the agencies and talent scouts out there you still need to have a plan of action. When you get the Professionals Guide to Modeling book you’ll discover where your talents lie. And, the model guide will give you real life tips you can use. Learn more ..

The book is by Roger Talley and you’re sure to learn more about becoming a model by studying and putting into practice some of these skills. Here’s what Roger has to say:

“As a working commercial photographer I have worked with many models, both seasoned and beginners as well as agencies, reps and managers.

I have dealt with a lot of beginners and often wanted to give them a source for no nonsense info about the day-to-day issues they are likely to encounter. I have also over the years read several modeling guides to see which ones I should recommend but most fell short in some way. Not this one.

What’s unique about this book is that it doesn’t just cover the NYC fashion world. That’s the problem with lots of books by supermodels and celebrity agency owners are their experience is a very narrow and often an outdated one that extremely few others could benefit from.

This book deals with fashion and commercial modeling in both large and secondary markets. It clearly explains the differences too.”

Don’t just spin your wheels when it comes to your modeling career. It’s time to take some action and learn how to be a model to get your dream underway. Start today. Get the bookand then put what you learn to work for you. This gives you the best chance at success in the competitive model’s field. Best of luck and I hope the Professionals Guide to Modeling will help you become what you desire. – Bob Pardue



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