Teen Modeling Tips

Teen Modeling Tips – 5 Quick Steps to Turn Teenage Modeling Dreams Into Action

This is an exciting business. And, many young men and women work in it with a rewarding career as a model.

Today, take a look at five of my teen modeling tips to help you get going with your goals and dreams.

teen modeling tips

teen modeling tips

Teen Modeling Tips – First, Know What You Want Out of Life

Fun Fun Fun? I work with models who love to pose in front of the camera and have fun doing it.

That’s all well and good. And, a girl should enjoy her work. But, know the difference between having fun by posting pictures online for friends & family and becoming a professional teen model.

This short post gives some modeling tips for teens you really need to know, especially if you are a beginner.

Want to Become a Teen Model? Understand What Works!

teen modeling tipsIt’s no secret that many male and female teenagers find the entertainment business most enticing.

But, few really understand how the teenage modeling world works.

So, they believe they can make a model career happen without any real effort.

Teen Modeling Success Stories? Who is Danni Boatwright?

There are some successful teen models in the business. One example is Danni mentioned below.

Danni Boatwright was one of the most talented and popular teenagers when she hit the market. And, she successfully continued her modelling career throughout adulthood.

Some girls find it difficult to survive in the model & fashion industry. Why? It’s because they didn’t keep in touch with the latest trends.

And more importantly, they failed to develop the art of communication.

5 Quick Teen Model Tips to Get Started

1. Keep Your Family Informed And Ask For Help

Teens need their parents’ permission before enrolling into a modeling agency ( find them at www.bobpardue.com/model-agency-list ) or starting a career. Your parents are a great source of advice. And, you need their advice to make teen modeling work.

The good model agents will not even consider you unless they are involved. The minimum age for modeling in most states is 18 years old without permission.

Parents look after the welfare of their children. So, when an important opportunity like this comes around, it motivates them to seek out the best there is to offer for you.

They also must fulfill obligations as a guardian or parent. A great amount of passion and involvement is required to excel in the world of modeling.

Parents motivate you and teach you how to become a teenage model by providing real help when needed.

2. Be Systematic And Organized

Preparing professional or amateur photos requires time and effort. Your picture portfolio gauges the interest you have in the profession.

For instance, photographs clicked by a professional photographer look much better than those clicked by friends or well-wishers.

Do You Need Professional Modeling Pictures?

No, professional photos are not required by most talent agents. Here is a guide (even if they are snapshots) ..

2 Clear Close up Shots (head shots) – 1 straight on and 1 profile without makeup & good lighting

2 Full Body Shots – In swimsuit – 1 straight on and 1 profile

3. Schools & Experience for Teen Modeling

Modeling agencies may not insist on providing school experiences in the portfolio. However, interesting engagement in..

  • acting
  • debates
  • beauty pageants
  • and sports activities

demonstrate a positive attitude. They show the teen drives towards achieving a destined goal in life.

Model management companies normally require your latest photographs. But, those created at school mock sessions may help them to find a unique look for you.

4. Find The Right Model Agent To Succeed in Teen Modeling

To become a teen model, you should spend enough time finding the right agent. Find one capable of promoting your interests for an extended period of time.

Experienced talent agents have tie-ups with different clients & companies. They work with national and international.

Plus, they understand the  requirements. Not to mention, these agencies understand your capabilities for modeling assignments – even before you are introduced to a client.

Agency reps sort through modeling portfolios available on the Internet.

They follow teen model’s track records over many years. Successful agents are behind successful models in different fields. These include runway, catalog and print work.

If they find you are capable to succeed as a teenage model, they will provide guidance and promote you.

5. Prepare Yourself For An Extended Career

Unless you intend taking up modeling as a part-time job, it is important you prepare yourself for the long term. So, understand the needs of the industry, perfect different techniques and poses, and take care of your body.

These aspects of personal training begin at an early age. For instance, exercising in the gym 5 to 6 days a week can begin as an after school project.

Avoid junk food and have a well-balanced diet consisting of vegetables and fruits. Parents or dietitians can help in this regard.

Modeling lessons can begin in school. Learn how to become a teenage model early on. Study more teen modeling tips on this website.

Also, check out other online modeling resources. If you take these simple steps, your chances will increase to succeed in the profession.

Take your dream to become a teenage model seriously. Work every day doing something to accomplish your goals.

Take advice from your friendly photographer. And then, turn your modeling dream into a goal;  turn your goal into action!

Comment below when you have a success story to share. I never get tired of hearing them. d:-) Bob Pardue

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Finally, begin with the teen modeling tips above. Then, move to pursue your goals. Are you ready to learn modeling? Go for it!

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