Teen Modeling Careers

Ahh.. the dream of becoming a fashion model. Many teens and young women would love to break into one of the so-called glamorous teen modeling careers but have no idea of where to begin.

But, now you will!

Companies offer opportunities for teen models – if you know where and how to look.

This page gives 5 must-know steps to become a teen model and get moving toward a real career.

teen modeling careers

teen modeling careers

First, ask yourself this question…

Are you Missing Out on Teen Modeling Careers? Discover How to Become a Teen Model

This model tutorial and video (bottom of page) covers some secrets to getting started in a teenagers modeling career.

You may or may not become a famous model like Ivanka Trump or Cindy Crawford. But, at least you can work in a field you love.

I hope it will jump-start your enthusiasm enough to help you set some realistic goals for yourself.

Watch these modeling tips. Then, make a plan for your teen modeling career!

1. Want to Be a Teen Model? Take Care of Your Skin

When you show up at an open call or interview, the model agency rep is going to look you over.

He or she has expectations of what a female in teenage modeling should be.

Now, all do not have an exact points system but they will count every aspect of your being.

So, your clear and smooth skin can be a plus.

2. It’s Your Body – The Supermodels Keep Theirs in Shape!

Another point in your favor (or against you) is your body.

Are you doing a steady workout routine? If not, get started right away. You need to be toned and fit; and of course healthy to be a teen model.

Also, watch your diet. Eat good foods and drink plenty of water. This will also add to clear skin as mentioned above.

3. Don’t be Offended Easily by Teen Modeling Agencies

Although about 90% of teenagers modeling is about your looks and 10% is attitude, you’ll have to develop a “shield” against negative things being said about your face, body, hair or other features.

Teen model agents can be brutal when directing you to make necessary changes to forward your career.

And, even though they are not always right, the talent agent basically has a good idea of what will work for you – and what will not.

Listen – then make good decisions about your body and features if it will get you jobs in the industry.

In other words, develop a thick skin and don’t be offended.

3. Want to Get Started in a Modeling Career for Teenagers? Be True to Yourself

The network for models is tough – especially for teenagers modeling in a grownup world.

Before you dive in to the entertainment industry, know beforehand what you are willing to do. Read books to get insight of what’s in store for you.

4. Teen Models – Pay Attention; You Need Your Parents!

teen modeling careers

teen modeling

Teens should absolutely keep parents involved in every step for guidance. Don’t do anything you will later regret.

Remember, this is a career and the business should not tear down your character.

Do only poses and jobs you are comfortable with and learn to say a polite “no” if asked to do something beyond your moral values.

It’s your life and you will have to live with the consequences long after the talent scout has left the building.

Work on these and find others by looking through the teenage modeling video at the end. And, read through some of the teen magazines too!

Get each one right and then move on to the next – It’s fun and effective!

5. Develop Your Model Talents

This counts not only in modeling careers for teens but in all walks of life. Get your education, work on your modeling goals and practice on a routine.

The best way to start becoming well rounded as a person is to work from a list. Get your schedule down on paper.

Include the physical, educational, physical and spiritual.

This is what it takes to learn how to be a teen model and really see some success.

You may or may not become the next Tyra, Ivanka or Cindy making your debut in Seventeen or Teen Vogue magazine. But, you can have a rewarding career in some form of teenage modeling if you follow these steps.

Bonus Tip? If You’re Serious about Teen Modeling Careers Take Action!

In your dream for a teen modeling career, just as with anything else, you have to start somewhere. And, if you plan to become a professional teen model, when do you feel is the best time to begin?

If you said “Right Now!” you’re on the right track!

Online, you’ll find plenty of tutorials about teen modeling careers to help you get started quickly.


If you are ready to take that next step to learning how to be a teen model, check out my book below. It’s available on Kindle and ready for instant download. Just click the picture to buy now…

Hope these tips help you in your dream and, you can get more information about starting your career. Best of success! – Bob Pardue

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