There are so many ways to apply cosmetics for teenage modeling fantasy photos and this lesson about teen model eye makeup supplies you with just a few hints.

When you discover these beauty tips you will have a starting point with complete professional cool eye makeup application tips for teen models and I hope you will find some valuable beauty advice on this page.

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How Teenagers Apply Eye Makeup for a Photo Shoot

If you are getting ready to become a teenage beauty model, you always want your makeup to look its best, especially your eye make-up.

I agree that, when going to a modeling photo shoot, everything should be perfect including your facial cosmetics.

The advice here will help to get you looking fantastic in your pictures – but don’t think that you have to pay a fortune for a makeup artist in order to get beautiful eyes.

Eye Makeup Tips for Teen Models – Choose Wisely

As a young fashion model, you can create whatever look you want and have gorgeous defined eyes no matter what size or color they are by studying the following application tips for teen models.

Eyeliner Make Up Tips For Teens

One of the first steps when learning how to apply eye makeup for models or, just to wear out at night, is to get the eyeliner right. Eyeliner helps to shape your eyes and adds a dramatic touch to your face which are very important features for you to have as a teen model.

When shopping for your eyeliner, you can choose either an eyeliner pencil or liquid eyeliner. Keep in mind that the main key of putting on eyeliner is applying it correctly.

Which Will You Choose – Pencil Or Liquid Cosmetics?

How to apply eye makeup for teen models

The eyeliner pencil, which creates the most natural look, is the simplest to apply foremost teen models.

A tip to remember about pencil eyeliners is to always sharpen them before each use.

When applying your eyeliner, hold it as if you were holding a pen or pencil.

For best results, eye liner should be applied starting from the outside of the lower part of the eye and extending about 3/4 length toward the inner part. .

Liquid eyeliners sometimes leave an unnatural look and are more of a challenge to apply.

But if you prefer this type of eyeliner to use in your kit for teen cosmetics, buy a ball-point pen size with a fine point end.

Apply the liner in one even stroke from the inner eye outward, getting it as close to the lash line as you possibly can.

Tips For Applying Eye Shadow for Teen Modeling Pictures

Teen model eye makeupUse eye shadow which is a lighter shade rather than darker so that the eyes appear more alive.

Apply eye shadow to the upper eyelid and above the eye just below the eyebrow.

When a darker shade is used in this area it will create a darkening of the eyes and give the appearance of a sleepless night which is not very appealing. Using a light shadow will produce the best results.

Another thing you can do with your eye shadow makeup would be to use a small amount of very light white color right under the bottom of your bottom lashes.

When you do this, you can make your eyes appear to be more wide open and larger than they really are.

Mascara Application Tips

It’s a fact that many teenage girl models put on too much mascara when they apply it. This can actually take away from their beauty rather than enhancing it.

Even when you are putting on make up to wear during a photo shoot, be careful not to overdo it. Personally, I like to use less and then I can add in Photoshop (R) if needed.

Teen model makeup tipsWhen applying eye mascara, only dip wand once and apply one coat on each eye.

To get all your lashes separated and colored, always go as close to the root of the lash as possible.

A great eye make up tip, especially if you are a teen with lashes that are short and thin, is to use an eyelash curler before you apply your mascara.

This can make your eyes appear larger and your lashes longer.

Now You’re Ready For Teen Modeling

I hope you enjoyed reading these eye makeup ideas for teen models tips and application techniques and they help you in applying your eye make up for your next model photo shoot.

So, grab your kit and start posing for photographers today!

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