Watch & Learn From This Video As Teen Model & Actress Cosette Rinab Gives Modeling Advice You Can Use!

No doubt, getting started in teen modeling can be a tricky business. There’s so much to learn about. These include:

  • Walking (for runways)
  • Posing
  • Makeup
  • Fashion (the best clothes to wear etc.)

..and plenty of other modelling basics.

So, I thought this video by teen model & actress Cosette Rinab is a great way to get aquainted with the teenage modeling industry.

Oh, if you’d rather read, I transcribed Cosette’s video for you.

Teen Model & Actress Cosette Rinab Gives Modeling Advice

Teen Model & Actress Cosette Rinab Gives Modeling Advice

Learn How to Become a Teen Model – Modeling Advice from Cosette Rinab

Hey guys it’s Cosette. Today, I’m going to answer a few questions you guys sent on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

So, let’s get started.

What’s the Best Thing about Modeling?

The first question comes from Stephanie. She asks; What’s the best thing in your opinion about modeling?

The best thing, in my opinion, is meeting new friends – and meeting new people. Once you go for your first modelling job, you get involved with the same people over and over.

You work with them on the jobs and castings. And, it’s really nice when you get to hang out with them.

The Toughest Job for a Model?

Another person asks; what is the toughest job you’ve ever done?

Truth is, modeling jobs aren’t usually that tough.

However, if I had to choose, it would be the full day catalog shoots.

These catalog shoots involve shooting winter clothes in the summer. Or, you model summer clothes in the winter! You can only imagine how weird it is to be outside in a bathing suit in the January snow!

The Coolest Thing about Modelling

This question comes in from Emily. What is the coolest experience you’ve gotten to do through modeling?

In my career, there have been so many cool experiences that I’ve gotten to do. But, I think my favorite was shooting the Justice catalogs.

This is because I worked with my friends. So, it didn’t even feel like work! They were..

  • playing music on popcorn
  • we were dancing in fake snow
  • and just having a great time!

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Do Professional Pictures Help You in Modeling?

The next question is from Diary (I hope I’m saying that right). When you actually take measures to have professional pictures taken, does it give you an advantage over other candidates?

I believe so. Yes, I believe it does because it sets you apart from everyone else submitting snapshots.

And, it’s also more professional to present great photos.

The Dream Modeling Gig

Cosette Rinab modeling tips

“My dream modeling gig would be to walk the runway at Paris Fashion Week.”

The last question for today is from Marlee Wallach, the president of Wilhelmina kids and teens herself!

What is your dream modeling gig?

Hopefully, in the next few years I’ll still grow a few more inches!

This is because my dream modeling gig would be to walk the runway at Paris Fashion Week.

Okay, it looks like that’s all the time we have for today.

Thank you for sending in your questions about modeling.

Thanks for Catching Up With Cosette!

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